A kiss is what starts it all. You may have been exchanging glances or trying to touch each other awkwardly for some time, but the true turning point is always sealing the first kiss. On the other hand, even for couples that have been dating for a while it’s never too late to learn the art of romantic kisses to bring more tenderness into your relationships. The following guide will cast some light on how to kiss a boy romantically, for the first time ever or otherwise.

How to Initiate a Kiss


It’s always good to keep your would-be boyfriend or partner on the same page with you. When in a relationship, you have this benefit of learning to read your boy’s mood. If you are new to each other, just relax and pay attention to some common signs that he wouldn’t mind locking lips with you, including but not limited to returning your glances or keeping his eyes on you, gently leaning towards you, lowering his voice or softly touching you occasionally.

If you feel that it may be the right time to break the kiss barrier, center his attention on your lips by looking suggestively at his first, keeping fiddling visibly with your tongue as if in a playful mood, or reapplying your lip gloss (though for some guys the idea of eating it off your lips may be not very pleasant). There is no better decision about how to kiss a boy romantically in this situation than to draw your conversation slowly to an end, then move closer and let him kiss you when the distance between you is minimal. You may as well want to kiss him first, but make sure you do this not as some reckless femme fatale ready to establish her dominance, but as an infatuated girl aware of her true desires. The chances are, he will pick up your hints easily and award you with this long-awaited kiss.

Sometimes, if your kiss lacks any sexual charge to it, you may find it a bit frustrating to unlock your lips and getting back to the reality again. In case you didn’t intend to proceed to the foreplay, just continue the routine you interrupted with a kiss and behave naturally, without any sense of embarrassment or shyness. Sometimes it’s a good option to leave kissing for the end of your date, so that instead of being awkward about it, you just disappear behind your door leaving him to wait for another date.

8 Tips to a Romantic Kiss

Probably, you have been growing up to endless Hollywood movies that fed you with idealized perceptions about kissing boys romantically. The lingering fear of getting it wrong is always here, but luckily here are at least 8 ideas on how to kiss a boy romantically without ruining the moment.

Darkness is your friend

Lurking in the dark may be especially comforting for sealing your first kiss ever. It never hurts to switch off the light for your hundredth kiss either. Be it a movie theater or your bedroom, extra darkness adds up to sexual tension and sharpens your feelings. It also helps to turn on your imagination and, ultimately, relax.


Location matters

Having a romantic kiss is not only about the kiss itself. If you are looking for that extra ingredient, try taking him on a walk to your favorite city corners or everyone’s favorite romantic locations like beaches, piers, rooftops, etc. where you can be alone against a breath-taking background. This will be the kiss to remember!


Play with desserts

To draw extra attention to your sweet lips, try playing with chocolates, strawberries or an ice-cream. By alluding to your sweetness, you will make the idea of kissing more tempting for him and he’s likely to lean towards you and kiss a bit of melted chocolate or ice-cream off your lips. And if you have sweet teeth, it’s a win-win situation!


Follow weather forecasts

If you have ever kissed in the rain, you should know there’s nothing more romantic. When you are both soaked to the bone, with your seductive wet locks of hair, just grab him tight in the street and kiss passionately. It’s amazing how this seemingly stereotypic move can bring you together and turn you both on. If you are really up to know how to kiss a boy romantically, you can even cheat a bit and go out precisely on a bad weather day ‘forgetting’ an umbrella!


Break expectations

Kissing him when he least expects it (providing the entire situation is just wholly favorable) is romantic in a way of showing your true passion for him. By doing so you are likely to plant a seed of self-assurance in his mind. Next time, he is likely to return the favor, so that you will start gradually building up your relationship on a solid ground.


Learn the techniques

That being said, how you kiss is as important as when and where. Once you get over the kiss barrier, you may want to shine all your kissing experience on your boyfriend but start slowly. Probing it little by little, use your tongue once you’re sure he’s comfortable with more intimacy. Always make sure he welcomes your kissing techniques, otherwise you may find yourself disappointed or unsatisfied.


It’s more than lips

To enhance pleasant sensations, add up more gentle touches. Use your warm and soft hands to caress him slowly, touching his hair first then getting as down as you are comfortable with. This little game is likely to grow into a foreplay, but isn’t it your ultimate goal?


Don’t be repetitive

All these techniques are good when you don’t repeat them too many times. Try not to be too predictable. Eventually, it may seem annoying if, in the pursuit of how to kiss a boy romantically, you start trying out everything as much as possible hoping that one day it will work. Be inventive and it will pay off!


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