There are few things more memorable than your first kiss with your boyfriend. When you look back, you want to remember the perfect kiss and not a sloppy, unsure peck on the lips. So obviously you want to make sure you kiss him the right way.

But if you’re concerned and unsure of how to do it, below are a few tips on how to kiss your boyfriend. Follow them and smooch your way to his heart and into a beautiful relationship.

How to Initiate a Kiss

To make it dead simple for you, we’ve made a step-by-step guide to help you take that lead into kissing your special guy.

Step 1: Attire Yourself Properly

These would be your secret weapons today. Dress a little more special today. You want to look really attractive, but without any extravagance, so choose something that looks good on you, and is comfortable to wear. Since it’ll be your first kiss with him, get your lips soft and glossy. And because you’ll be getting real close to him, make sure your breath smells fresh and nice. Forget chewing gums, opt for a mint spray just before going out, and make yourself look inviting to him.


Step 2: Use Body Language

You body language will most likely decide whether you get to kiss him or not. If you want to know how to kiss your boyfriend, drop enough hints with your body language. Look at his lips and make sure he notices this. Make good eye contact and smile often while talking to him to convey the message that you’re interested in him.


Step 3: Make Him Comfortable

Laugh when he makes a joke, or crack one yourself. Slightly lean your head to one side when talking, make sure to compliment him on his looks, clothes or express how good you feel in his company. All this will make him comfortable and you would be ready to take the next step.


Step 4: Touch and Tease

While you put him at ease with your verbal and bodily gestures, the next phase is to cross that touch barrier and make it a little more overt that you want to get close to him. How do you do that? By touching his hand or back whenever you get a chance; or by playfully slapping his knee while laughing at his jokes. If you are bold enough, you can hold hands with him and give him a big enough hint you want more than just a conversation today.


Step 5: Get Closer and Hug Him

The closer you sit together, the easier it’ll be for you to kiss him. So get closer to him, and if you can, give him a warm and long hug. Stay very close to him even after withdrawing from the embrace, as this will help you initiate the kiss.


Step 6: Go in For the Kill

What are you waiting for now? You’ve done the hard part, now just kiss him! Waste any more time and it will become awkward. So just close your eyes, hold him and kiss him passionately without any inhibitions. Your guy would be pleasantly surprised and love it, while you can pat yourself on the back for learning how to kiss your boyfriend.

Top 6 Kissing Techniques


Graze and Tease

As the name suggests, just graze or glance off your lips against his after getting close and talking sweet things to him, and yet when he moves in for a passionate kiss, just pull away. Do it a few times, and this will get him desperate and craving for that elusive kiss.


Kiss and Bite

Just when you’ve kissed him, instead of withdrawing, softly chew at his lower lip. This will be new to him and will arouse him even more. Or give him an intimate hug and nibble his ear. It will build up more sexual desire in him and he’ll keep coming back for more.


Try the Triangle

A Triangle kiss starts with a passionate kiss on the lips, moving to planting one on the cheek and then down the neck. First time done, simply rinse and repeat. Do it slowly and you can bet by the next round, your guy is more than actively participating in the kiss.


Alternate Swirl and Dart

Say what? Well you know the classic French kiss, don’t you? Now alternate between swirling your tongue inside his mouth and then darting your tongue in and out of it. Make sure it doesn’t end up too sloppy or wet. If you do it well, it’ll keep him clueless and begging for more.


Suck Him

Want more on how to kiss your boyfriend? Suck him. And by that, we mean suck gently on his neck. Be careful not to bite as any mark especially on the neck can be visible to all, leaving him embarrassed. Suck his fingers suggestively signaling you want more than just kissing from him. Finally, use the same technique to suck on his lower lip during a passionate moment together. This will absolutely pleasure him and bring all his sexual feelings to the fore.


Get a Taste of Alternatives

Sometimes you don’t have to kiss on the lips or even tease to spice up your kissing game. Take inspiration from other cultures and introduce really unique ways to kiss each other. Like an Eskimo kiss where you rub your noses together to show your love for each other. Or a kiss on the forehead which signifies an emotional bonding between you and your boyfriend. Or maybe a flying kiss directing towards him from a distance is perfect to break the monotony of your normal kissing routine.


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