So you have had your eyes on a girl for some time now, and you like her. But the problem is this – you don’t know if she’s single, or if she’s in a relationship. I mean, she’s nice and friendly to you, but that could simply mean she sees you as a good friend or companion, and has no romantic interest in you, right? So then how to know if a girl is single?

By checking out the following 10 signs, of course. But do keep in mind that just by themselves, these signs are not 100% indicative of her relationship status. She may or may not be doing these things when she’s single or committed, so please don’t forget to use your common sense when coming to your conclusion.

How to Know If a Girl Is Single


She isn’t stuck to her phone

The two biggest reasons girls use their phones is to either communicate with their friends, or their boyfriends. Sometimes, it’s the boyfriends that want to be in constant contact with their girlfriends (esp. if their relationship is in the honeymoon period). So if she doesn’t check her phone often, keeps it on silent when with you and has her complete attention focused on you, her chances of being single are high.


She maintains a respectful distance from guys

Now of course, she might be the kinda gal that doesn’t socialize with guys much because she isn’t comfortable with them, or she simply maintains a distance in order to avoid unnecessary drama. However, it could also mean that she’s in a relationship and she’s respecting her boyfriend’s wishes by maintaining a distance from guys who aren’t her friends.


Push her to reveal her status

How to know if a girl is single? Simple. Trick her into telling you. Just once, text her something random or funny late at night, and when she responds, reply with>

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t look at the time. I hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind me messaging you this late!”

And this is where she tells you whether she’s single or not.


Have a discussion on relationships

IF you seldom hangout alone with her, then whenever you’re with your mutual friends and her, then casually drop the topic of relationships. Encourage people to discuss their ideal partners and what the best qualities of their current partners are. To make the conversation go, begin with yourself. And when her turn comes, make sure you listen carefully. Conversely you can have>


A discussion on being single

Start the conversation by discussing the merits of being single and how you’re enjoying your days being single, but how you wouldn’t mind a relationship if you find the right girl. Let everybody have their turn – those who are single will happily declare so, while those in a relationship will make their stance clear. This is a very smart way for how to know if a girl is single.


Your conversations aren’t short/quick

Now she might consider you an acquaintance or even a casual friend, but that’s where the relationship will end for her. She will not go out of her way to sustain conversations with you or discuss random topics with you. And this is because she is trying to maintain a healthy distance from you. However, if her actions are exactly the opposite, then she’s either single, or is one of those women who never lets go of her male friends after getting into a relationship.


Observe the way she dresses when she meets you

Does she dress casually? Has little to no makeup on? No heels, no hair style? Well, then she’s either deliberately dressing down in order to not give you the wrong signals, or is among those women who don’t bother with how they look in public. If on the other hand, she wears pretty dresses, high heels, little to lots of makeup etc. when she meets you, it’s entirely possible that she’s not only single, but is also looking for a guy to have a relationship with.


Look up her social media accounts

The easiest way for how to know if a girl is single is to simply log on to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and check her relationship status. Most people happily declare their commitment on the internet. If you see “single” on her profile, then you’re good to go. But if her status is hidden, then you can get clues about her status by simply going through her images. Does she post pictures with one guy more than the other guys she hangs out with? And how do her friends react and comment on such photos of her? Are her friends commenting on how pretty she is, or how good the two of them look together? If it’s the latter, then the chances are she’s either in a relationship or very interested in that guy.


She hangs out often with her girlfriends

If a girl has a boyfriend, she usually divides the time she spends with her friends, and her boyfriend. However, if you only see her with her girlfriends and nobody else, she’s most likely single. But it could also mean:

  • Her boyfriend is usually out of town due to work.

  • He doesn’t like to socialize much.

  • The girl actually is free enough to hang out frequently with both her friends, and her BF.


She eyes other dudes when she’s with you

Well, it could easily mean she’s appreciative of the beauty she is surrounded by, and there’s no harm in that. However, when clubbed with the point above (dressing attractively when she meets you), it would indicate that she’s single and ready to mingle. Of course, it could also mean that “just because she’s on a diet doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate the menu”, but the chances of her being single simply become higher.


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