Does it seem like she likes you, but you just aren't sure? Maybe she's sending you signals one day, then the next day it might seem like she doesn't even know you exist. Girls can definitely be confusing, but it will really be worth it in the end if you can just figure her out! 

How to Know If a Girl Likes You


Talk to her

The best way to know if a girl likes you is to do a little detective work. So, make an excuse to start a conversation with her, and pay attention to some of the subtle signs indicating she may like you. These include body language, like leaning in, uncrossing her legs, dilated pupils, or nervous voice. Some other signs are smiling, laughing at your jokes, and making eye contact with you. Bonus: girls love a good listener, so make sure you actually listen to what she has to say!


Notice if you two runs into a lot

Take notice if she seems to accidentally bump into you a lot--this is most likely intentional. When a girl likes you, she'll find ways to show up in front of you and touch you, whether it is lightly touching your arm or hair, or giving you a friendly punch.


Give her a smile

This is a good way to gauge a girl's interest and know if a girl likes you. Give her a big smile--girls like happy guys. If she smiles back at you with a big, soft smile, she probably likes you back. If she frowns or looks away, she either doesn't like you back or you make her nervous.


Notice how she looks at you

There are two types of looks that mean a girl may like you. First, the girl may stare at you longingly and hold your gaze if you look back. Second, if she's more of the shy type, she may stare at you but move her eyes away quickly if she notices you looking back. Either way, it's a good sign!


Pay attention to her friends

Wondering how to know if a girl likes you? Notice her friends' reaction when you are involved. This is a surefire way to tell if she likes you or not. If a girl likes you, she is very likely to tell her friends all about you. So when you see them in a group, the other girls are likely to be looking at you, staring, or giggling. Younger girls may even yell "she likes you", while more mature friends will probably just look in your direction and possibly nod. If you go up to the group of girls, they may end their conversation quickly. If this happens, they were probably talking about how the lady in question likes you!


Come to her rescue

Girls love a knight in shining armor, so always be on the lookout for ways that you can be her hero or come to her rescue. For example, offer her your jacket if she says she's cold--then pay attention to her reaction. If she seems happy or pleased, it's likely that she likes you!


Notice what she does for you

When a girl likes a guy, she'll often go out of her way to do things for him. So pay attention. If she's always there when you need help, whether it's something small like a piece of gum or a bigger favor like homework, well, she probably likes you and wants to see you happy! You can also try testing this out by asking her for something to see what her reaction is. Just don't take advantage of her good nature by asking for too much!


She asks you out

If a girl is asking you out, that's a definite sign that she DOES like you--you don't even need to finish reading this article about how to know if a girl likes you! But many girls are reluctant to ask a guy out, because they're shy or they think it's the guy's job. These girls may find more subtle ways to spend time with you, such as asking about your weekend plans or whether you'd like her extra ticket to the baseball game.


She tells you she's single

Is the girl in question constantly reminding you that she's single? It's probably because she's interested in you and wants you to know that she's available. The same goes for girls who always ask you to go with them to events because they "have no date". She might not have a date, but she would probably like to date you!


She touches her hair

This may not seem like a sign, but it definitely is. A girl who likes a guy will very often touch her hair, whether playing with it or fixing it in your presence. This is probably one of the biggest signs that she likes you, because it's subconscious--she's interested in you and wants to look perfect for you! This one is really important if you're wondering how to know if a girl likes you.


She touches or bites her lips

This one is a given. Lips are used for kissing, so girls who like you may use their lips to make you think about kissing them. This could include touching her lips to put on lip gloss, sipping through a straw while staring at you, or biting her lips.


She laughs at your bad jokes

So that joke you made really wasn't all that funny, but your special girl is laughing hysterically? Sounds like she likes you and wants to boost your self-esteem by laughing at your attempts at humor.


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