Not sure if he is interested in you? Or if he is just looking for a hook-up? Or maybe you are not sure how much he likes you? We compiled the best 11 tips on how to know if a man likes you. If you like him, but you are not sure whether you should make a move, give this a read and find out how to read his behavior. Grinding insecurity will vanish and you’ll be able to answer your question of how to know if a man likes you!

11 Telltale Signs that a Man Likes You


He wants attention

If a guy likes you, he will obviously try to spend as much time around you as possible. Sometimes he will try to get you interested in what he is doing for work or school, or show you a really cool project he just started. Asking for attention comes in many forms but it is easy to spot, especially because all his activities have one thing in common, and that is you. You know, it is a little like the peacock showing his tail to the ladies.


He finds common interests

Okay, so he wants attention but you are still not as interested in his activities as you should be. His next trick would be to get your attention by being interested in what you like. You may find him attending some sport event that you announced you will be at, or move on to the greater things like coming to the theater. If he would go out of his way to meet you, then you really have something going for you.


He invites you somewhere

Or he may get you a drink when you meet somewhere. And no, this is not like for us, ladies, just trying to be friendly. Actually, studies show that a guy would be friends with someone he’s willing to hit. So if in your eyes he’s acting just like a real good friend of yours, it probably doesn’t mean the same for him. If he likes you, then he is also attracted by you.


He keeps asking about you

Sometimes he is asking you directly what he wants to know, while other time he is asking your friends about you, especially if he is shy. If he is interested in finding more about you, then this is definitely a telltale sign that the man likes you. The more questions he asks, the bigger his level of interest, so this is a good tip on how to know if a man likes you.


There is a good vibe on the social networks

If he likes you, surely he will add you on all possible social networks, unless you don’t have accounts. If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, well then, it’s time to get one! Let him stalk you a little and quench his curiosity about you by publishing pics and announcing when you will be going to an event. Make sure he knows what your whereabouts are and see if he joins you. If he does, he is all yours.


Look for the mixed signs

Some guys consider themselves players or maybe they are just too insecure to show you they like you or declare their interest in you openly. Some of them may think that playing the cold card will get them more attention. While you may not want to be involved with a player, know that if he is interested, he will not maintain the same behavior all the time. After all, if he doesn’t come near you, how can he get your attention?


He’s interested to know if you are single

This one is pretty obvious. If he asks you or your friends if you are single then he definitely asks that for a reason. This is the best tip on how to know if a man likes you. Asking you directly if you’re single is exactly the same as declaring his interest. We’ve checked with a couple of guys and they confirmed they wouldn’t be asking otherwise.


He blushes and stays close

His nonverbal language is just as interesting as what he says. A guy who likes you will stay a bit too close, will touch you, and will welcome your touch. If you run into him in the street and it’s time to say goodbye but he’s hesitating to leave, that’s a sure sign that he likes you. Maybe he is actually considering asking you out while he is hesitating.


He leans in for the kiss

This is mostly for when you’re dealing with a player. A guy who tries to kiss you, even if he is drunk, is definitely interested in you and likely to repeat the deed after he wakes up. But if he’s giving you the cold shoulder, playing hard to get, and then kissing you when he is drunk, then the question is, do you really still want to get involved?


He acts to impress you

Remember that peacock we were talking about earlier? Well, that’s him around you! If he is well groomed - more so than usual - when he meets you, or if he is trying to avoid being seen by you on a bad hair day, then the guy likes you. He may lend you his only umbrella when it’s raining, offer to drive you home, give you plenty of compliments, or spend time with a bunch of people just because you’re there. All the while he’s telling the story of him scoring the final touchdown in a championship of wrestling a bear with his bare hands.


He is super nice to you

When you talk to him you have his full attention. He’s never phubbed you, actually his phone is probably on silent mode when you are nearby, so that he can avoid unwanted interruptions. He doesn’t forget your birthday, and actually he is walking the extra mile to say happy birthday in person, or at least on the phone, instead of a few cold words on a text message. He always remembers details about you and can tell what your favorite food or favorite flower is.


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