Alright first, if you have an ugly face, you already know.

Second, I’m not even talking about having an ugly face – I’m talking about having an ugly appearance (which can be fixed) or an ugly personality (which can also be fixed). So if you simply aren’t happy with your life right now and can’t for the life of you figure out why, this article is for you.

The thing is, you’re ugly. Not based on your looks (as has been made clear), but by other societal standards. What’s worse is that you don’t even realize how ugly you are, because kinda like the elephant in the room, nobody has addressed the issue yet. Or maybe it has, and you were too oblivious about the entire issue.

Then how to know if you are ugly? Is there some test or standard parameter that can tell you? Well, yeah, there are certain things you should keep an eye out for, for sure.

Signs Indicating You Being “Ugly”


You eat like an animal

Well, your table manners are atrocious enough for people to not only take notice of them, but be offended/turned off by how terribly one can behave at the table.

Girl, why? Just because you enjoy food doesn’t mean you’ll go at it like a pig who has been hungry for days. No. Table manners exist for a reason. Now I’m not saying you go all Queen Victoria at the table, but at least use the cutlery, and eat with your mouth closed, will you? If you create a mess, clean it with a napkin. And when you’re eating, make sure you aren’t touching your hair of face, especially if you’re eating something that doesn’t require cutlery (like burgers).


You’ve been gaining weight

Alright, let’s face it. Even if you have the prettiest face in the world, it’s no match to a body that doesn’t compliment your weight. If you’ve been piling on enough pounds lately to head into the ‘obese’ territory, girl, we have a problem. While you may be okay looking like a baby elephant, the truth is, this much fat and cellulite on your body is going to prove disastrous to your heart, body, organs and even your blood pressure in the future. Losing weight isn’t always about looking good – it’s sometimes about being healthy. Get that in your rebellious little head when you’re wondering “how to know if you are ugly?”


Self care? What’s that?

Look. There’s a difference between looking like an 80s pin up girl, and a hobo. And the difference is what your average girl looks like when she heads out on the street on a date, to work or to hang out with her friends. You don’t have to go overboard with makeup, but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up on it.

Don’t like makeup? Okay. Then how about washing and combing your hair regularly, brushing your teeth twice a day to keep bad odor away, getting manis and pedis once in a while, getting rid of your black heads and pimples by taking care of your skin, and using a little perfume to spice things up, alright?


Your attitude’s questionable

Maybe you’re too mean. Maybe you’re too sarcastic. Maybe you’re too judgmental, too defensive, too blunt, too stuck up, too much of a bully or whatever else you can think of.

And maybe, just maybe, people don’t like that about you. Maybe you’re not as great of a person as you think you are. Maybe….It’s not them being ‘oversensitive fucks’, but you being an actual dick. Did that thought ever occur to you?


Your mouth’s out of control

Alright, so it’s not your personality but the swear words that pour out of it every moment. Did you ever pause to think that cussing like a sailor isn’t actually good social manners? And that the only people who can tolerate said sailors…are other sailors? That’s the best way on how to know if you are ugly. Because until and unless you have someone in your life who abuses as much as you do, chances are, you’ll soon enough be alienated by the ones in your life because guess what? Nobody truly likes having to listen to cuss words day in and out, especially if they have children in their homes.


You have an excuse for everything

Makeup? Too sexist.

Dressing up to go out? I don’t wanna bow down to society’s standards.

Gaining weight? I’m happy with my body

Body odor? Well, everybody has it!

Excuses are exactly what they are – excuses, and not genuine reasons. The truth is, you’re a fucking slob who has successfully been able to lie to herself about how not caring for herself is actually good for her.


Your wear your PJs everywhere you go

Okay, seriously. Why?

If you wanna work on how to know if you are ugly, work on your wardrobe, girl.

Don’t have money? Buy from thrift stores.

Don’t have time? Make time.

Don’t have the inclination? Nobody gives a fuck because you have to start turning ting around, honey. Otherwise…


People won’t hang out with you as often

And why should they? You have a foul mouth, terrible table manners or you dress like a slob wherever you go. Not caring for societal standards is one thing. But to deliberately embarrass your friends with your actions is not only cruel, but it shows what a terrible friend you are, especially when they don’t expect you to look and behave like a model, but an actual human being.


Your friends have started chiming in

You know you’re ugly when your friends have started commenting on your lifestyle, habits, or appearance, or both. The advice was very polite in the beginning, but now, they’re straight up saying to your face that you need to pull your socks up. These aren’t your enemies – these are your well-wishers who gain nothing from you living a better life.


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