Are you always aware when you start liking someone? Can you describe this feeling? Is it warm, fuzzy or happy? Most of the time, You are not sure. You could develop feelings towards someone and be completely ignorant about it! Although it is strange to like someone without realizing it, there are ways to reveal how you feel. How to know if you like someone? Firstly, you have to be honest with yourself. Besides, a number of signs are quite evident when you have feelings for someone. 

Signs That You Like Someone


You send them a good morning text

You must have a thing for someone if you send them a text immediately when you wake up. Same applies if you receive a text from them within an hour of waking up. Can you bother to send a good morning text to someone you do not care about?


You answer their texts/calls immediately

If you answer their calls/texts within minutes of receiving while you leave others unanswered for days, then you like them. It is as simple as they mean a lot to you if what they are saying is more important to you than a message from anyone else.


Their jokes are always funny

They could be genuinely funny. However, if you are the only one laughing at the joke, it means you love them. It is scientifically proven that you will find someone funnier if you have intimate feelings for them.


You get butterflies before you see them

Are you wondering how to know if you like someone? If you get butterflies whenever you want to meet someone, you definitely have feelings for them. This is a sure sign that you cannot ignore. The butterflies are due to adrenaline production when you are nervous. You cannot get nervous if you do not like them!


You dress up when you know they’ll be there

If you are extra careful when getting ready for an event that you know they will be attending, then you like him. You care about your appearance, because you want to impress them.


You fidget when talking to them

Are you pulling your dress and organizing your hair to ensure it looks good when talking to someone? This means you are nervous and the only reason for it is you like them!


You know everything about their life

Do you know so much about their family, likes and dislikes that you could even write their biography? Why would you know all the details about someone if you do not like them?


You have given them a secret nickname

Making  a nickname that only you know shows that you are the special one for them. You are creating an individualized contact without realizing it. It could even be calling him by his full name, which no one else around you does!


Their opinion is the most important

You constantly find yourself seeking their opinion and going by it. It overshadows views by a family member or a close friend. This is a sign that you like them and want to please them.


Seeing them with someone else annoys you

This is the most obvious sign that you like someone. You get jealous when you see them with someone else. Just be honest with yourself and admit that you have feelings for them. Denying will not help.


You see them – everywhere!

Thinking of how to know if you like someone? Everything suddenly seems to remind you about them. This means you are constantly thinking about them - every time, everywhere. You could only think of someone that much if you like them.


You flirt with them unconsciously

It comes naturally whenever you are together with someone you like. You find yourself leaning in towards them, you touch their shoulder when you pass by, you smile and play with your hair when they are around. You do all these unconsciously. You may not tell them what you feel but your body language tells it all.


Subconsciously you start imitating them

As you get used to each other, you could find yourself imitating their mannerisms. You will say things in a certain way or start behaving in a certain way unconsciously. You enjoy mirroring someone because you are fond of them.


You are already planning your future together

Do you find yourself fantasizing and planning your future with them each morning? You stay awake all night imagining spending time together, how your name would sound with theirs as the last name and how your children will look like. You are even freaking out for a wedding that may never happen! These are very strong signs that you really like someone.


You are feeling high

Being in love is like being high on drugs. You tend to release feel-good chemicals like dopamine, vasopressin and oxytocin when you have feelings for someone. Do not be worried if you feel high when you are head over heels for someone. It is perfectly normal.


You only notice them

You have been noticing every attractive person you come across. Then suddenly there is only one attractive person existing in your world! This is a sign that you are completely smitten. Your previous desires to kiss or cuddle with other people will suddenly disappear. You only have eyes for this particular person.


You suddenly have the same interests

Once you catch the love bug, you start enjoying the stuff they like. And you are not pretending. It’s real - you are having mad fun even when engaging in the stuff you never enjoyed before you met them.


Boring activities become fun

Wondering how to know if you like someone? Check if you find boring activities interesting with the person around. If yes, then you sure like him/her. You look forward to running errands together. For example, You have a blast going to renew your license in their company!


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