Gone are the days when a man’s declaration of love included a show of heroism, where he would slay an evil overlord for you or challenge another contender to a duel. With such bravado displayed for a woman’s sake, it was easier to know if you could have fallen in love with him or not. But times have changed and slaying dragons is out of date. So how do girls find out whether you have fallen for a guy or not?

How to Know If You Love Him

As for the question if you are in love with a guy, here are a few things you should ask yourself beforehand which will give you a clearer answer.

Do you (mostly) put him first?

The thing is that you will only take into account others' needs when you care deeply for them. It can be shown in small actions like making sure his dinner stays warm when he is coming over or calling him at night before he goes to sleep. This is one of the surest signs of how to know if you love him. But be careful. Putting him first does not mean you quit your job and give up everything you love just so that you can be in a relationship with him.


Does your action let out your secrets?

Actions will always speak louder than words. Look for little signs that will make you know you love him. For example, do you genuinely care about him when he goes silent for even a few hours? How many times in a day do you text to check up on him? Do you give him a prior notice of when you will not be online and for how long? If you do, then you genuinely care about him and obviously feel the need to be with him, which means it’s something a lot more than just liking him.


Do you stick by him when the going gets tough?

Listening to him and being there for him when life throws him a curve ball is one of the clearest indications that you are in love with him. Come on, girls! You will only spend time listening to someone else’s problems and help them come up with valid solutions if you genuinely care about and love them. Offering a shoulder for people to lean on is one thing, but to be at his every beck and call when he’s in distress – that’s one of the best ways on how to know if you love him. Remember that you will never waste your time helping someone you don’t love, or at least, don't care about.


Is it beyond physical?

If you can spend time with a man you have been dating for quite some time without having sex every chance you get, then it is very likely that the two of you are in love with each other. Most relationships that focus on physical aspects never really last, but if you find yourself spending time with someone without rushing or wanting to get intimate with him, then the two of you are literally beyond the physical. There’s nothing as satisfying as having that deep connection with someone, where the two of you feel satisfied with each other’s company without the need for sex. Such a relationship is very rare these days, so hold on to it.


Is there no one else but him?

People like keeping their options open, comparing notes and going on several dates with different persons so that they can narrow down on things. But how to know if you love him or not for sure after a few dates or some comparison? Simple - if you have been dating one specific guy for quite some time and do not have the intention of dating anyone else, then you are in love. It’s not that you have limited options, but simply a preference of spending more time with this particular guy because of how he makes you feel.


Do you mention him often?

You only tend to talk a lot about something or someone you are in love with, in awe of or just hate. And in this case, it obviously isn’t hate, if you can’t help but talk about him to all your friends and mention him in every conversation you have with them. Try asking your friends if you talk about your new catch all the time; it’s an easy way of knowing if you are in love with the guy or not. Whether you mention him consciously or subconsciously, if you mention him all the time, you must be really head over heels in love with him!


Has he said it?

All the guessing can be quite frustrating, especially if you are slowly falling in love with him. You may have tried hinting it, maybe saying it in passing like in a card of gift, but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate. Why not you try asking him instead? It might sound too straight forward or direct, but it works! If you know whether he loves you, it just automatically makes our feelings about him much clearer. Bear in mind If you want to stay with him even after he says he loves you, yeah, you’re falling for him. But if his confession makes you run the other way, then you already know the answer. This is also the most direct ways of how to know if you love him or not.


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