No one loves admitting their relationship is over, which means one can be in an unhealthy relationship without being any wiser. If for any reason, you are not in good terms with your partner, the smartest option may be a breakup. Staying in a relationship without a future makes no sense at all. You will end up wasting your nerves and your time. Below are some of the most helpful tips on how to know your relationship is over.

How to Know Your Relationship Is Over: Watch Out These 14 Signs!


You don’t respect your partner anymore

You believe your partner has a great personality, but deep down within you, you don't admire him/her or think his/her words are worth your attention and time anymore. If for any reason you believe your partner does not deserve to be admired by you, it is possible you have been down on your partner or even feel embarrassed by him/her.


Spending time together is boring

The two of you probably do not have many things to discuss. During conversations, silence is simply a sign of great comfort, but in your situation, it gives you an awkward feeling and makes you feel like yawning. There are no more small talks, and the company of your partner wants to bore you to death.


There’s no time for each other

You must not spend all your time with your partner, but make sure you spend as much time with him/her as possible. When you do not have time to spend with your partner, it simply means that your relationship does not stand any chance at all.


Both of you don't want to do things together

When things get bad in most romantic relationships, we will tend to turn to our dearest and nearest to help us reestablish and regroup the lives we lived before the relationship began. Spending time with your best friends is a healthy habit, but if both you and your partner is seldom present, or spends more time elsewhere than he/she spends in the relationship, it shows you are not enjoying the relationship as happy as you were with your partner.


Your texting has gotten boring

Once your chat with your partner has less strings of heart eyes emojis and more of please get more milk, it might be a good cause for alarm. There is less to worry about if neither you nor your partner loves texting, but once there is a reduction both in the message tone and frequency of text messages, or you no longer fancy texting each other, it shows that your relationship have lost the fire.


You've stopped imagining a future together

One of the great signs that help you know you are with the right person is if you often picture your partner in your future. Once you discover that you have lost that habit, it shows that your relationship has long ceased to be what it used to be, and that deep down in your heart, you no longer see it working out.


You crave for space and privacy

Your partner can't seem to leave your side. And you are no longer comfortable with his/her constant presence. If your partner peeps into your computer screen while you are on Facebook or Twitter and the first thought that crops up in your mind is to punch his/her eyes, it shows you no longer wish the relationship should continue. You want to be alone and away from your partner when you feel like relaxing.


Your partner saps your energy

After spending some time with your partner, you feel drained of all traces of energy, tired and annoyed. Even when you put in effort to have a decent conversation with him/her, it all ends up in an argument that makes you wish to abandon the conversation and run.


You can’t stop fighting

There is hardly any perfect relationship, but picking a fight with your partner most times is never the best option. There is nothing wrong with fighting with your partner once in a while, but when it becomes an hourly occurrence, you need to realize that it is the right time to give the relationship a final goodbye or find a lasting solution to your regular fights. Find out why you fight all the time: your job, money or male friends. But once you find out you are always fighting with your partner for obscure reasons, it shows your relationship may be well over.


Your date nights are over

When was the last time you went on a date with your partner? Chances are that you can't remember. And that is a very bad sign. Those night dates are very important in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. Once your partner no longer surprises you with romantic dates and dinners, romantic trips or moonlight walks, it shows the time to have a serious talk with your partner has come.


You have no sex life

When two people have been together in a relationship for a very long time, sex will no longer be a regular occurrence, but there is still a difference between having a sporadic sex life and no sex at all. Once you discover that sex is now a kind of boring chore rather than a sensational fun time, it means you need to give your relationship more attention.


You have started showing interest in others

This is one of the most popular points when it comes to how to know your relationship is over. Once you find yourself living the life of singles where you openly flirt with members of the opposite sex on social networking sites or secretly organize hook ups or dates every now and then, it shows things are no longer what they used to be between you and your partner. Give your partner some respect and end things officially before getting hooked up with a new person.


You think about breaking up

Whenever you have an argument with your partner in the solitude of your home, and later all you think about when hanging out with friends is to break up the relationship, it is a good sign your relationship is over.


Your partner constantly threatens to end it

When your partner resorts to ending the relationship whenever she loses an argument, gets confused when you fail to turn up to take her out for dinner and you find out you must keep putting in extra efforts to make her happy, or she threatens to leave you at the slightest provocation, it is time to end the relationship. Let no one hold you hostage in any relationship.


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