Breakups can be extremely hard. It might feel like the world has ended, and you can’t wait to put everything behind you so that you can move on with your life. Now moving on means different things to different people, and the time period too differs greatly. Some might take weeks, some might take months and some might take years to get over their loved ones. But how to know if you've moved on or not? Is there a particular sign or stage in one’s life that makes one know the past has been left behind for a long time?

How to Know You've Moved On

Well, there are some subtle signs telling you that you’ve finally gotten over your ex. Wondering what they are? Have a look:

You’ve deleted all the photos and videos

For some people, this is the very first thing they do when being dumped. For others, this is the very last step. A lot of people keep photos, videos and texts on their phones or computers, telling themselves “Oh, it’s just a photo”. But the truth is, these are things that are holding you (subconsciously) from moving on. Deleting all these things means acceptance – that he or she is never calling you back and that you two are never getting back together.


You’ve stopped stalking your ex on social media

The more you keep yourself in touch with their lives, the harder it becomes for you to distance yourself from them. More so if they’re in your friend list. How to know you've moved on? That's when you have removed her or him completely from your digital life. In fact, block your ex so that you cannot stalk her or him even if you want to.


You’re dating again and that makes you happy

In the beginning, you might balk at the idea of dating, or might date people just for the sake of dating (going through the motions). This is because in the back of your mind, you believe your ex is impossible to be replaced and you hold on to that feeling. But don’t forget that there are plenty of other fishes in the sea, and those fishes are very capable of keeping you happy as well.


You’re okay that your ex moved on

Let’s face it. Both of you have to move on – it’s just a question of when. But to see your ex move on before you while you’re still mending your broken heart can be quite hurtful or angering (depending on your nature). But if you’re over them, you don’t care what’s happening in their lives. You don’t have to be happy he moved on, but you have to at least feel “Meh” when you hear the news.


Bumping into him isn’t awkward

This is one of the best ways on how to know you've moved on. You don’t have to hide here and there in fear of bumping into your ex. That’s because you’re over that past and now, your ex is just another person in your life whom you don’t love. This makes the face to face meeting a lot less awkward.


You don’t feel the need to drunk dial her

When people are drunk, most of their repressed emotions rise to the surface. They lose their inhibitions, lower their guard and do things they normally wouldn’t do. But when you’re drunk and you don’t feel the need to call her, you should know you’ve truly moved on.


You forget important details about him

His birthday, his first salary, his parents’ anniversary – these used to be big deal for you and you used to prepare weeks in advance to celebrate such important moments, remember? But now, these days come and go, and most of the times you don’t even realize those dates have passed. Kudos! This is how to know you've moved on.

More Ways on How to Know You've Moved On

Now, instead of telling people “I used to be in a relationship but we broke up”, you say, “Yeah, I’m single!”

You don’t feel the need to shout out via social media how much “fun” you’re having and how “happy” you are with your life.

Those breakup/sad songs are no longer your go-to songs.

The days when you think about your ex are becoming rarer and rarer with the passage of time.

You stop associating things as “Her favourite movie is playing” or “His band is on the radio”.

You watch The Notebook, and you don’t cry.

You take the shortest route to work instead of driving via detours to pass his house so that you can get a glance of him.

Sad songs don’t make you emotional any more.

Gifts that once meant the world to you are just not important to you anymore.

You’re not jealous your ex is doing better in her or his life than you are.

You wish him well. But it’s okay to wish he drops in the lowest pits of hell if he cheated on you.

You don’t feel like hooking up with her or him. At all.

When his name casually drops in on a conversation, you have no issues talking about him without getting emotional or upset.

You haven't read his horoscope in over a month.

You’ve finally announced it on Facebook – You’re single.


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