When people enter a relationship, they would have their own share of ups and downs. Because a relationship entails the combination of two unique personalities, there would really be misunderstandings. However, when these persist and there seems to be no resolutions to these problems, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate the relationship. If you feel that it is going nowhere and that both of you are not growing, then it is time for you think about how to leave someone you love.

11 Practical Tips for Letting Go of Your Love


Remember that you cannot control everything

When you are thinking of how to leave someone you love, one of the few things that you have to remember is that you cannot control everything. You cannot control the weather or the everyday circumstances of life. More importantly, you cannot control and change your partner. What you can do is just change your attitude about things and encourage your partner to be a better person. No matter how hard you try, you can only do so much. As such, if you are leaving the person that you love, remember that life is full of surprises and you cannot really control everything.


Know that you did your best

It is normal to feel bad about leaving someone you love. You may feel guilty and may think that you have wasted a lot of time and effort. But, in order for you to move on, you have to accept that you did all the best that you can do. You have survived fights and arguments and have always taken another chance. You tried all possible ways on how to make things work. You have done all that could be done. If it was really going to end, then let things be.


Think of where both of you would grow and be happy

Leaving someone you love is a difficult thing to do. You might think that you are throwing away something that you have worked on for a long time. However, you have to remember that things would become more difficult if both you and your partner chose to stay in an environment where there is no growth. Because you have learned how to be comfortable in each other’s company, you have learned to settle and not aspire for anything bigger. If a relationship is only pulling you down, let go.


Remember all the lessons you have learned

Another important thing that you have to remember when leaving someone you love is to look at all the good memories that you have shared and the lessons that you have learned. Although it is the bad events that made us decide to leave the relationship, there were moments that you were at your happiest. You are not leaving the relationship with nothing – you have memories and lessons that you can take with you as you go on with life and enter a relationship in the future.


Do it wholeheartedly

If you want to know how to leave someone you love the right way, you have to make sure that you are sure and you have no doubts that this is the right path to take. Take note that in your decision, a lot of people will get hurt – you, your partner, your friends, and your families. When you decide to leave a person, you are also saying goodbye to the life that he/she has shared with you. Think through it a lot of times before finally fulfilling the decision. It pays to be sure than sorry.


Be firm with your decision

If you are thinking of how to leave someone you love, you have to remember that there is no turning back. What you are doing is difficult and will hurt a lot of people. As such, no matter how much they beg and apologize, you should still stand by your decision. You should remember why this is the best decision to make and how this will make both of you grow as a person.


Give yourself time to grieve

Leaving someone you love is difficult. Because you still have feelings for the person, you might still wonder why things had to be this way. It might not be a good move to carry on with life like nothing happened. You have to allow yourself to mourn and grieve. You may still not realize it now but this is a defining experience for you. You will soon realize in the future that this is for the better.


Empathize with the person

When you have finally made the decision to leave the person that you love, do it so with consideration of his emotions. Give the person the chance to know why you are leaving. Do not just run away and disappear completely. Leaving the person will be difficult for you but you have to remember that it will be more difficult for the person especially if he/she does not have full context of what happened. Be kind and courteous – the person deserves this from you.


Maintain a distance

When you have finally left someone that you love, learn how to maintain a distance. Cutting ties may seem difficult at first but it will only help both of you to accept things as they are and heal the wounds faster.


Channel your energies elsewhere

If you have already discovered how to leave someone you love, this is now the time for you to channel your energies elsewhere. All the energy that was being sucked out of can now be used to pursue something more meaningful. Take this time to discover your passions.


Remember that there are better things ahead of you

Take this time to reflect and think about the good things that are about to happen. Your experiences in your past relationship made who you are now. It may be difficult to believe now but these experiences made you a wiser, stronger, and better person. Look ahead and remember that life has a lot to offer.


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