Eyeing that guy for some time but don’t seem confident to go ahead and tell him? Worry not, as help is at hand. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to steal that guy’s heart in a jiffy. Or better still, you may even become so alluring that all the men would make a beeline for you!

So here are some of our best suggestions on how to make a boy love you.

Top 16 Tips on How to Make a Boy Love You


Look Your Best

Let’s face it. The first attraction is always physical. And more so with guys. So when you go about hunting for your man, look at your most attractive. Nothing extravagant, it could be wearing a dress you like, smelling nice and always carrying that bright smile of yours.


Wear a Positive Attitude

Your optimism, more than anything else, will reward you with lots of friends. And yes, boys too! If you want to know how to make a boy love you, simply show a positive attitude around him. Guys will be naturally attracted towards you. Add that killer smile of yours and you are golden.


Love Yourself

Be yourself, you may have heard a thousand times. For good reason, as it’s absolutely true and if you be and love yourself, others will love you too. So how do you love yourself? Be aware of your positive qualities and don’t be shy to show them off in front of him! And of course, examine your weaknesses too and work on them.


Flirt with Him

Don’t be afraid of flirting with him. If anything, it’ll come as a pleasant surprise to him, as girls usually wait for guys to take the lead. You don’t have to be overtly physical, just an occasional touch on his shoulder while chatting or a light tease on his knee while laughing will really entice him towards you.


Listen Patiently

If you’re the chatty kind (and which girl isn’t!), just hold your horses for this time and let your guy talk. Even if his conversations veer towards sports and politics, topics you find dull, just listening to him will make you tremendously attractive. And if you can add your inputs to the conversations, all the better! Slowly you will find him asking you a lot of questions as well, there’s your chance to bring up topics of your interest.


Don’t Be Gossipy

You can be the most gorgeous girl in the block but if you gossip too much, it can put off any guy around you. Here’s how to make a boy love you: keep your gossip and catty comments about other girls away from him. It may be difficult at first but the reward may well be worth it!


Shower Him with Compliments

Do it excessively and he’ll suspect you to be a flatterer; don’t compliment him at all and he’ll find you dull and uninterested. There’s a fine balance you’ll have to maintain when you want to shower him with praise. Talk about his great dressing sense, sincerely compliment his professional achievements and things he is good at. 


Check If His Hobbies Match Yours

If he loves going on treks and hikes and you do it too, you’ve made it easy to make him fall for you. There’s nothing a guy loves more than having his girlfriend share his hobbies and passions. So get to know his interests and see if they match yours.


Mind Your Body Language

Your body language is your secret weapon if you want to know how to make a boy love you. With a few subtle body moves, and you don’t even have to speak a word, you can lure him towards you.

Maintaining eye contact shows him that you’re interested in him. Don’t be a creep and just keep staring at him; only maintain eye contact to get his attention. Also use facial gestures to show you are finding the conversation very interesting.

Don’t droop down. It will convey the message that you are getting bored. Stand nice and straight while talking to him. Time and again, tilt your head towards him while chatting. This is another subtle hint that you are interested in him.


Be Unique

What separates you from other women? Apart from being yourself, tell him about your interests, your career ambitions and your secret desires. Don’t give an impression that you’re completely flawless. It’s okay to occasionally mention some of your more harmless weaknesses. This will make you unique in his eyes and he’ll gravitate much more towards you.


Get a Life

Don’t be that clingy, overly obsessed girl who insists on spending every moment with her guy. He will appreciate you more if you show him you have an independent life and your own set of friends who you spend time with. You are also busy with your career or school and actively pursue your interests. Ironically, the more time you spend away from him, the more he’ll admire and crave for you.


Be Creative

Create new ways to tell him how much he means to you. It could be arranging best seats for him for the Saturday night game or gifting him things that improve his lifestyle (a Vitamix is a good example). Sometimes, it’s those small gestures that will touch his heart more than anything you tell him.


Display Sense of Humor

Show your witty side and don’t be afraid to laugh along. Guys love girls who can crack a good joke and even take it on themselves. Your sense of humor will open him up more to you. If you can make him laugh, you know how to make a boy love you.


Cook for Him

An occasional meal cooked with love and you will have him wanting more from you and of you! It doesn’t have to be very fancy, a simple treat or two will keep him gushing all day long and he will look at you in a totally new way.


Be His Confidant

There’s always a temptation to tell all your private chats to your close friends. Resist that temptation. Even if he doesn’t ever get to know, it’s simply bad manners to tell your intimate conversations with him to others.


Don’t Jump into Bed with Him (Yet)

Give him enough indications that you are more than just your body, and he’ll respect you as a person. Holding off sex will result in both of you giving time to your relationship before things get more intimate.


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