You’re new to the entire world of dating, or you’ve had one too many failures which have completely left you devoid of hope, which is why you are on the internet searching for articles on ways to make a girl crazy about you. Come on, don’t be embarrassed – admit it. And don’t worry because we have your back! This article is definitely going to up your game when it comes to the ladies.

How to Make a Girl Crazy About You

Know that these rules work by and large, but there is no guarantee that they will work specifically on the girl you want them to work. That’s because every person has a different personality and it’s impossible to put a person’s personality into a box. So follow the rules but be creative!

Show her how exciting your life is

Women don’t find boring men attractive, and men who don’t have anything different or unique in their personal life are at a great disadvantage when it comes to hitting on women. Like, what is it that sets you apart from the rest of the guys that have tried approaching her?

Whenever you’re with her, make sure you detail the highlights of your day to her. Make your life appear exciting and full of adventure, or in the very least, not boring. The more exciting your life appears to be, the more it will make her want to be a part of it.


Respect her

This one takes time, but it is one of the best ways on how to make a girl crazy about you. Being a gentleman pays off. Why? Because the world today is full of boys and not men. Being a classy man who knows how to respect women makes you stand out in a sea of boys. Of course, don’t confuse this with being a doormat. No. The point here is – you have to respect her as a person, not as a means to have sex. Respect her decision and her choices, and respect when she says no. Be polite and courteous, treat her like a lady, and treat her friends the same.


Never seek approval

This is important as well. She needs to see that you’re a man of your own will, and you can be happy without her validation, because the only person’s approval that you need is your own. Such a man is always more attractive to women. Value yourself and she will automatically value you as well.


Don’t be “mysterious”

I know a lot of “dating gurus” advise men to act all mysteriously, not opening up about themselves and leaving women hanging, but trust me when I say it – it does exactly the opposite of its intended purpose. In all likelihood she will chalk you up as an arrogant dick who is deliberately trying hard to get so that she will like you more. NEVER do that. She’s not stupid. She’s gonna see right through you.


Look like an adult

If you want her to see you as a man, you have to dress the part. No, seriously. Do you think she’ll like you more if you’re dressed in an ironed suit or tuxedo or if you’re dressed like an out of work rapper whose pants are falling at his knees? Be smart about this when you're learning how to make a girl crazy about you!

And your clothes aren’t the only thing. Make sure you always shower and brush your teeth before meeting her, comb your hair, apply a little cologne and wear clothes that actually fit you. Anything too tight or too loose is an immediate turn off as well.


Show her she’s worth your time

And the easiest way to do so is to make everything about her, her likes, her dislikes, her fav actor, her fav place to have dinner, etc. If you know these information beforehand, great. Use it to make her happy, like giving her a spontaneous/surprise bike ride to her favourite spot in the city and spending time chatting there. Or if it’s your first date, pay attention to her, listen to what she says and well, let things flow their natural course.


Don’t be “touchy”

So you want to have sex with her. Well, guess what? She KNOWS that. There is no need to appear like a desperate creep who has his hands all over her. Until and unless she’s looking for a one-night stand, she’s going to be immediately turned off. Being handsy is not how to make a girl crazy about you. What you have to do is to make her feel comfortable. And in order to do so, you have to practice restraint. And this means let your eyes and your body language do all the talking, because if that doesn’t convince her, then your hand on her ass is definitely not going to do the trick.


Assess her personality

And then treat her accordingly. For example:

  • Girls who have been raised in traditional/religious households tend to lead very restrictive lifestyles. And more restriction isn’t what they’re looking for in a man. For such women, freedom, space and the need to be respected outweighs every other desire, so give exactly that to her.

  • On the other hand, wild girls are wild for a reason and they probably need someone who can nurture them, protect them but be aggressive and dominating as well. And that’s exactly what you should do to her.


Be goal-oriented

Especially if you’re looking to attract older women or women of your age group. Women like men who are stable and know what they want from their life. They immediately reject a man who’s just floating through life. On the other hand, a wild/party girl will want exactly that quality from a guy because she isn’t looking to settle down.


Show off at least one feminine quality

I mean sure, being macho and brawny attracts women but if you feel you’re just not up to the task, then the best way on how to make a girl crazy about you is to show her your kind side. That could be:

  • Your love for animals or the fact that you help at an animal shelter;

  • Your love for art;

  • Your weakness for Taylor Swift's music;

  • Your ability to cook great food. And even if you can’t cook great meals, you’ll get loads of points just for trying.

Getting the drift? You will instantly become 10x attractive to her once she sees how unafraid you are to embrace your feminine side.


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