If this is you first relationship, or if you have had previous failed relationships, then it is understandable that you are searching on Google for ways to make a girl feel special. And that is actually commendable of you, seeing how the average man doesn’t think it’s worth his time or effort to keep his woman happy.

So kudos to you for being a great boyfriend! And now that we have that out of our way, here are 12 fantastic methods you can try.

How to Make a Girl Feel Special


Offer her your shoulder (and your ear)

The #1 mistake that every man makes in a relationship is to assume that his woman is happy, by completely ignoring her emotional needs. You need to understand that society has conditioned women into being more expressive creatures. So exactly how do you plan on knowing what’s worrying her if you won’t make the effort to ask her?

Simple. Listen to her without judgment. Make it known that she has been heard and that you’re always there if she needs a shoulder to lean on.


Hug her when she’s upset

Kissing her is great, but have you tried ways of showing your support to her with something less ‘sexual’? Every American couple kisses. But how many of them embrace each other on a regular basis? This is why, sometimes when she’s upset, a hug is all she needs to know that the man she loves is right there beside her side, waiting for her to vent her troubles to him.


Surprise her with something romantic

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body – just the thought that you made an effort to make her happy, will make her heart flutter with happiness. It could be something as simple as bearing the burden of household duties, or something as elaborate as a weekend getaway.


Make time for her

Money does not, in any way, substitute the time you spend with her. Get that straight. If you want to know how to make a girl feel special, then you have to know her. And in order to do so, you need time. And if you’re too busy to create time for her from your busy schedule, then perhaps you shouldn’t be dating in the first place.


Ask her about her hopes and dreams

Her likes, dislikes, passions, vision for the future – whatever it is, make sure you show genuine interest in things that are important to her. Again, most men don’t bother knowing about such details about their women, so the mere fact that you made the effort to get to know her better in such depth will have her floored.


Acknowledge her work

There is a lot of work she does that you take for granted. Could be something as small as always taking the trash out when you forget to do so, or take care of planning every evening out with you. Here’s the thing: the moment you start taking things for granted, you start losing the woman you love. So go ahead and not only acknowledge everything she does for you, but compliment her on it as well.


Be vulnerable with her

There is nothing more endearing for a woman than a man who opens up to her and shows her how vulnerable he truly is. This could be a confession of your feelings, sharing your fears with her or even your deepest secrets you’ve never told anybody else. Whatever you decide to share, you can be assured you’re already on your way to how to make a girl feel special.


Less criticism, more compliments

Have you ever paused to think how easy it is to criticize someone, and how equally difficult it is to compliment them for their hard work? Plus, if you don’t like something she does, the do it yourself. And if you can’t do it yourself, just be appreciative of whatever it is that she does for you. Do you really have any right to criticize her work and efforts, especially if they revolve around you?


Compliment her in public

I mean, it’s great when you do it in private, but the exhilaration one feels when their relationship is validated publicly, is quite on another level. The next time you’re out with friends and family, don’t hesitate to claim what a lucky man you are to have snatched your girl before any other man could. Or compliment her dress, her cooking, her patience with you or whatever it is that you can compliment about her. Make her feel good about herself!


Have honest conversations with her

Sometimes, venting isn’t enough. So, how to make a girl feel special? Well, know that what she wants is to have open dialogues with you so that she gets to know you better. And of course, vice versa. Women value the quality of having open conversations with their partners very highly. It makes them feel safe and secure to know that they have an emotional understanding with their partners – which they place higher than physical understanding.


Involve her in important decisions

You two are a team, right? And a team functions most efficiently when all members involved know what is happening with their other partners, right? Big or small, always remember to involve her in your decision making process. Ask her for your opinions. Does she like your wardrobe? What does she think about getting a goat as a pet? Or a new sofa?


Create unique memories with her

Go to the amusement park, go away on a spa weekend, go hiking or trekking, snorkeling or simply at your local flea market. Wherever it is that you wanna go, go. Just make sure it’s a different place every time. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures of the two of you together. As a bonus, upload them on social media as well and share your experiences with your friends and family as well.


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