Long story short, girls like guys with a sense of humor. In fact, everybody appreciates people with a sense of humor, so gender doesn’t really factor in. Even so, when you’re approaching a girl, especially for the first time, you’re out of your element. Plus, since she doesn’t know you and will look at you with suspicion, you not only have to put her mind at ease but also introduce yourself in a manner that makes her want to hang out with you the next time you meet. And this is where humor and laugh come to your rescue.

How to Make a Girl Laugh

Apart from crude jokes (toiler humor, racist/sexist jokes or flat out condescending comments), humor is a universal language that is understood by one and all. Here are some ideas that can work in your favor to make that girl laugh for real!


Now until and unless you are the master of narrating jokes with a deadpan expression, it helps to use your facial expressions to your advantage. A smile or a grin helps the girl visually understand and accept that you just told her a joke, and she will be able to connect with you on a better level. But make sure it’s a genuine smile, because girls are pretty quick at picking out fake smiles! 

And when you do that, make sure you…


Look at her

See, eye contact is essential in building any healthy or normal relationship. Don’t feel shy and take your gaze away from her. Even if she doesn’t laugh, she will definitely pop a smile.


Being mean never helps

If you’ve listened to love gurus till now who tell you to ignore girls in order to get their attention or be mean to them to break their spirit so that they can fall in “love” with you, then it’s no wonder you’re disliked by girls and still single. It’s all BS. You gotta treat a lady with respect and that begins by absolutely never being mean, sarcastic or condescending with her at least during the initial phase of your relationship!. It’s going to backfire – it’s just a matter of time.


Watch/observe funny people

If you really, truly suck at how to make a girl laugh, or even at making anybody laugh, don’t despair. Do you have a funny friend or colleague you can observe? Or take tips from? A fav stand-up comedian or even actor whose jokes you live for? No? Then just go on ahead to stand up clubs and see how these gals and guys make everything around them funny. Observe what they do, how they do it, and don’t forget to jot it down if necessary.


Make fun of yourself

People like a person more if they are able to laugh at themselves, and women are no exception. Self-deprecating humor shows women that you are willing to go through a lot (including putting aside your massive male ego) just to make them comfortable. And that instantly endears you to them. It also makes you more relatable as a person.


Play dumb

Now this one works for smaller things (like forgetting an office party you two were to attend), and not bigger ones (like politics, religion, your/her future, etc.). In the end, laugh and tell her that you already knew what she was talking about, but you were playing dumb just to make her laugh. That last line will definitely put a big smile across her face. This is literally one of the easiest and safest ways on how to make a girl laugh!


Tell her a secret… and then laugh at it

The thing about sharing secrets is that they instantly make the other person feel closer to you, because you’re showing a level of trust in them reserved only for those whom you trust. Now, tell her a small secret. For example:

"Hey. Did you know that I can play the drums? Yeah, too bad my neighbors have such poor taste in music. Imagine them knocking my door at 3 in the morning asking me to keep it down. Peasants!"


Surprise her

Say something she would never see coming. A good example of this would be this one liner:

"I hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus."


Remember the rule of three

This is a variation of the "surprise her" method. Sometimes, it takes a little method when it comes to how to make a girl laugh. So in such a case, discuss 2 normal things and then add a completely absurd third option. Example:

"I prefer women who are independent, strong and… preferably without a penis.


Be in a great mood

We don’t realize it, but our mood has the capacity to influence how others around us feel. We’re social beings and it’s just how the human psych works. Plus, imagine telling her a joke if you yourself are in a bad or gloomy mood. Do you think the punch line would be half as effective as, say, when you’re excitedly telling her your joke with animated gestures for extra measure? It won’t!


Create some tension

If you’re a good storyteller, then this one’s for you. Tell her about something that happened to you or someone you knew, strew the story with unnecessary elaborations and distract her from your end game. The more distracted she is, the more likely she will be to laugh at your punch line because she simply didn’t see it coming!


Don’t go overboard

When you’re working on how to make a girl laugh, always remember to never overdo things. Until and unless she’s known you for a long time, she’s going to misinterpret your actions in a negative manner. And don’t always joke around her otherwise that will lead her to never take you seriously. Maintain a healthy balance and remember to joke only when the opportunity is correct!


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