Girls, let’s face it. Guys suck at taking hints. I mean, how often has casually hinting him that you like him (or don’t like him) actually worked? Especially if you’re stuck with a guy who you thought was amazing, but turned out to be a dud later one. But here’s the thing – no matter what you do, you simply can’t make him go away. I’d say you should simply say so to his face, but here are your responses:

1. I tried that. It didn’t work.

2. I really can’t be that heartless.

In either case, you’re desperate to know some helpful ways to make a guy go away. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Make a Guy Go Away, Really?


Drama Queen

You what guys can’t stand? Women who create unnecessary drama. And of course, women who include guys in that drama. Behave like a drama queen whenever you’re with him. Cry, shout, create a scene and blame him for the entire scenario whenever possible.


Dump all your problems on him

Another thing that most people dislike is being the dumping ground of someone’s worriers. Whenever he calls you and asks how your day was, just start wining about how your boss is a dick, your colleagues are always stealing credit, how you’re overworked and underpaid…and, you know the drill. Exaggerate all your life’s problems and when he tries to be ‘nice’ to you, scold him for not understanding your problems, and slam the phone down.


Tell him about your promiscuous past

It doesn’t matter how many guys you had sex with – multiply that number with 10 and time and again, discuss their sexual escapades with your guy. Tell him how you were in a relationship with half of them just because of how hot they were and how unbelievable the sex was. He’s sure to feel like half a man when you continuously drill into his head what an awesome sex life you’ve had. Or he might distance himself from you, thinking he’s better off without a slut. It’s a very subtle, but powerful way of how to make a guy go away.


Be obnoxious

Act like a bitch, be self centered, make him do all your work for you (including carrying your shopping bags), shop for only the most expensive stuff, make him pay for everything and of course, flirt with guys right in front of him to make him feel not only humiliated, but unwanted by you.
You know, everything that a basic bitch does. Think Regina George.


Be boring

Whenever you’re with him, act disinterested, constantly check your phone, have little to no conversations with him. And when you do talk, make sure he’s the one initiating the conversation, and you’re the one ending it. I mean, there’s only so much effort even the world’s most patient guy can put into a girl, before realizing he’s wasting his time on her, right?


Set him up!

When it comes to how to make a guy go away, this might prove to be difficult, but if you have a solid bestie by your side, then you’re good to go. Especially if you’re uncomfortable dragging this dude yourself through the mud. Convince him that you’re not a good fit for him, but your bestie is. And once he’s convinced, let your bestie act like a bitch in order to get rid of him from your life.

He may be a quality guy, but not right for you.


Diss his favs

Go to his social media accounts and check out his fav bands, musicians, soccer teams, actors and what not. And whenever you meet him, diss not only his favs, but call the fans of those actors and artists losers for having such poor taste. It’s sure to humiliate him, or anger him, or both. If an argument erupts, even better. Keep insisting that such fans are losers with no lives, and you’ll basically be ending the relationship right there and then.


Bring in the ex

How to make a guy go away? Say something like, “OMG my ex contacted me yesterday. We had the best relationship ever but I dumped him because he wasn’t ready to commit. He told me that after being away from me, he realized he truly loves me and that he wants to pop the question to me! I think I might say yes.”

Yeah, no guy’s gonna stay with you after hearing that.


Bring in marriage

The average guy won’t commit if he’s given the chance not to, so do the opposite. If you’ve had a few dates, tell him you wanna get married and have his babies. Do it out of the blue. Scare the bejeezus out of him. Talk about buying a big ass engagement ring, a lavish wedding and a huge house (from his money of course), and watch him run in the other direction.


Lie constantly…and blame him

Tell him on Monday that you love flowers, and on Wednesday when he brings you some, throw them in his face and tell him you’re allergic to pollen. Tell him that you’re a foodie and when you go to a fancy restaurant on a date, accuse him of fattening you up so that you could never get another guy. Of course, you have to also not admit that you lied (when he point that out), so be ready to bring out your poker face.


Be a slob

Dress like a hobo. Wear your PJs to dates, don’t comb your hair, never put on any makeup, wear crocs, have bad breath, have terrible table manners, burp and fart in his presence and do basically whatever you can think of which might embarrass him to be in your company.


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