Men love women! However, it doesn't mean that women are not driving them insane! And even though everyone believes that guys cannot get irritated as easily as girls can, ladies are always there to prove them wrong by finding new ways to make men go crazy! You must be asking yourself what is it that makes men so angry, and you are in luck because bellow is your answer that especially female population should take notes from.

How to Make a Man Angry


Playing Coy

''She loves me, she loves me not?'' Well, men are not psychic so how the hell are they supposed to know? Sure, there are signs and girls like when guys decide to chase after them when it seems like they aren't interested, but let me tell you something...guys themselves don't like it! They would rather you openly tell them if they stand a chance with you, or if they should try their luck with another gal.


Not Understanding the Need for Some Alone Time

It's been scientifically proven that when a guy is in a relationship with a woman, his testosterone levels start dropping, thus resulting in the increased level of stress. His testosterone can only build up if he starts having some alone time outside the relationship to pursue his individual dreams. It's different for women who want to be around their partner all the time, so you can figure out why it is so hard for them to understand this need of males.


Women's Desire to Change Men

This is a classic example of how to make a man angry! Women oftentimes feel like they want to change something (or a lot of things) about their guys. However, one thing that they don't realize is that by doing this they are turning their men into someone they didn't fall in love with. 


Using Tears as a Weapon

Crying is a normal reaction during an argument with your loved one, however, some girls love using it as a tool of manipulation. They are fully aware that men are weak to female's tears, so they are looking for any opportunity to use that weakness. But by doing that, women cannot win the argument, they just delay it, and make their men feel shitty. 



Nothing justifies cheating. Nothing! It is wrong on so many levels and it's no wonder why it makes everyone, including men, so upset! If a woman feels like there are no longer any sparks between her and her partner, she can just end the relationship instead of being unfaithful and hurting him in the process.


Being Jealous

How to make a man angry? Well, for starters by being insanely jealous! There is hardly a dude who can stand being in a relationship with a gal that doesn't trust a thing he says and questions him all the time. Not cool!


Faking an Orgasm

Most guys don't even understand why women fake orgasms when it really isn't that hard to have one. You just gotta let him know that you need a little bit more time, and he'll do anything in his power to satisfy your needs. But don't fake it...unless you wanna unnerve him of course.


Insulting His Video Games

Insulting his favorite video games is never a good idea, trust me! But if you have made this mistake of doing so before you read this, and he even lost the game after you've told him that Call of Duty is stupid, you better watch out and go hide girl!


Refusing to Have Sex

No matter whether you have the flu or are simply not in the mood for sex, your lover will always interpret you refusing to have it as a way to make him suffer. But here's a good news! Even though this irritates him, his agitation won't last longer than a few minutes!


Women Who Care About Nothing but Money

The age we live in is full of women who are not willing to date a guy who doesn't have a few million dollars in his bank account, isn't driving a Bentley, and isn't willing to spend thousands of dollars on her. Not everyone is bothered, but there are guys that are troubled by this.


Ladies Who ''Steal'' Food From Their Platters

So you go on a date, a waiter asks you what you want to order and you say ''Oh nothing, I'm not hungry'', and when the meal that your guy orders finally comes, you start eating from his plate. Well, here's how to make a man angry!


Ladies Without an Appetite

On the other hand, there are also ladies who have no appetite whatsoever! I mean, at least they aren't picking off of men's plates, but not eating at all is in no way less frustrating! Ugh is it that hard to find some balance between the two and at least order a salad?


Girlfriends Who Keep Talking About Their Exes

You should better avoid discussing your ex with your boyfriend because chances are that he will start thinking that you are not over your ex, and want to go back to him. Well either that, or he'll think that he's not good enough and the ex is better. 


Women's Hair All Over Their House

Here's one that pisses some men off! Nobody is quite sure why that is, but one of the theories is that leaving your hair all over his home is a way to mark that man as yours for good (sort of like marking a territory), and the ones that get mad are those not yet ready for the commitment.


Everything, If They Happen to Be Hungry

There isn't a thing that doesn't drive a starving dude mad. So take the advice from this and trust me when I say that you really shouldn't irritate a man when he's hungry!


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