Oftentimes, you would wonder what your special someone truly feels about you. Even after spending time together, you become curious about how much she cares about you, especially if both of you have not seen or talked to each other for quite a while. Would she miss me? Or would she seek attention from another man? These are the questions that you want answered. If you are curious about how to make her miss you, there are ways that can help you find your answers.

10 Practical Tips to Make Her Miss You


Be Funny

A woman can never forget a guy who made her smile and laugh. Nowadays, women are more drawn to men with wit and humor. The act of instilling positive vibes and feelings not only to her but also to the people around you would really catch her heart. If you want to know how to make her miss you, you have to find her sweet spot and crack her out of her comfort zone. However, remember to be sensitive as well. When you are able to do these things, she will surely miss you and look for you when you are not around.


Be interesting

If you can pick a woman’s brain and make her think about a lot of things, you would surely be someone whom she would like to be around with more often. When you challenge her mind, she would want to get to the bottom of things and would not let you go until she has found the answer. The key to this is to find something that she likes and ask her questions about it. When she realizes that you are someone who she can talk to about anything, she will definitely look for you when you are not within sight.


Fill her mind every day

If you are wondering how to make her miss you, you should try filling her mind every day. Do things that would truly leave a positive impact on her each day. This may mean inviting her to do activities that she has never tried before or making sure that every minute you spend together is filled with fun and excitement. Even when you have slowed down for a while, she will be the one who will be looking for an adventure for the both of you.


Stand out among other guys

In order for her to miss you, you have to make sure that there is something that you can offer that other guys can’t. Make her feel different when she is with you. You have to know what she cares for and is passionate about. Ask her about her interests and make her feel that you really care for her. See past her flaws and focus on her whole personality. A lot of guys only go for the looks, but you should make her feel that you are more interested in her personality. Keep in mind that this will only work if you truly are interested in her.


Remember the little details

Every person has his own quirks and habits. If you are curious of how to make her miss you, you have to be the guy that remembers all the little details about your woman. It may not mean much to you at first but you would soon realize that nothing moves a woman more than the gesture of remembering every little thing about her. These little things serve as proof that you pay attention to everything that she does.


Follow a “routine” and go against it

This may mean a little harsh but it would let you know if your woman what your woman truly feels about you. After creating a habit loop for some time, your woman has become conditioned and can already predict what you are going to do next. Give things some twist by going against the routine. This will puzzle her and would make her wonder what happened. However, do this only for a short time as she might mistake it for playing games.


Be a little mysterious

Pique her interest by not revealing too much of yourself at once. Play a little mystery every once in a while. Make her be the one to approach you and know more about you. When you inject a little bit of mystery in your relationship, you will make her feel that she is missing out on something and she would then be the one to seek you out.


Surprise her

Every once in a while, go out of your normal routine. Think of all the things that she has been bugging you with that you never had the time to manage. When she least expects it, treat her to this interest of hers and see her emotions go wild. This will make her realize how you truly care for her and her happiness. Events like these would become truly memorable for both of you and would make her miss you every time she looks back at these moments.


Take some time out

If you want to know how to make her miss you, one good option is to take some time out and give yourself some space. If you always spend time together, you would be too focused on each other and would tend to forget other things outside your relationship. If you let her and yourself have some time out, you would both appreciate what it feels like to have each other. When this happens, both of you would look forward to seeing each other again and spending time again.


Take the lead

A woman likes it when her man knows how to take the lead. A woman likes seeing her man in control of things. This makes her more comfortable and dependent on her man. When she is so used to you leading the relationship, she will miss you when you are not around.


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