Dating has become so much tougher these days, hasn’t it? There are so many rules about what to do and what not to do when you date someone. What’s even more confusing is how people resort to playing games with someone they like so that they can have them in their lives.

A lot of people argue that chasing people is not necessary; if they like you, then they will come to you. However, a lot of other people believe that some people are way too stupid or egotistical to go after the ones they like, in which cases people have to resort to some mind games to make such people chase them. But how to make him chase you again after all the setbacks he may have experienced?

Tips on Making Him Chase You Again

Making him chase you once was hard enough. But to make him chase you again? That’s an entire new game in itself. So here are some basic principles you need to know to understand how it’s done.

Stop with the chasing

How the hell is he supposed to chase you if you’re the one who is chasing after him? You have to learn to let go.


Give him space

It’s the next most logical thing to do after you’ve stopped chasing him. You have to show him that you’re not always available for him; he needs to know you have a life beyond him. So go ahead and do just that. If he believes that your social calendar is chock-a-block, he’s more likely to win your affections back. Why? Because it's human psychology – we always want something that we can’t have or something that is popular with others. You need to play it cool, sister, because absence makes the heart grow fonder. Always remember this key point when formulating how to make him chase you again!


Make HIM want you

And how do you do that? By creating mystery around yourself. Obviously since you two already know each other, there is not much he doesn’t know about you. So here’s the thing. The next time you two meet, tell him an interesting story or incident and then.... leave him hanging. Or in the very least, make him guess before you finally reveal how the story ends. Once you start doing this, he’s sure to see you in a different light.


Stop whining

Nobody likes a person who constantly whines, criticises or opposes whatever it is that they have to say or do. Learn to be more tolerant of his views. For example, you guys broke up because he’s a Republican and you don't agree to his policies. Instead of arguing and shouting, you can show him that Democrats can be cool. If he says something political, don’t jump on him and immediately oppose or dismiss his theory. Listen to it with an open mind and if at all possible agree with what he has to say.


Get a new wardrobe

Or wear the clothes he hasn’t seen you in. If you want to know how to make him chase you again, this is it. You have to show him you’re taking good care of yourself even without him in your life. And don’t let this principle apply only to your clothes – take good care of your appearance. Color your hair, get new shoes or get a new piercing. Do whatever you have always wanted to do but never did. Show him that you’re now a different person.


Being trashy is NOT being attractive

Trash attracts trash, sweetheart. If you’re gonna dress a certain way, he’s gonna treat you exactly in that manner. So be a temptress; dress sexy but not slutty. Leave your body to his imagination; there is no need for you to show it all to him. You are here to seduce him so that he wants you. And looking like a pornstar isn’t exactly the best way to attract a man’s genuine attention, is it?


Show an interest in his interests

Maybe the reason it didn’t work the first time around with him was because you two were vastly different individuals. Don’t make that mistake this time. Men prefer hanging out with women who have same tastes or interests as they do, so try and cultivate an interest in his interests. At the very least, you can try not to roll your eyes and make your disdain obvious the next time he mentions his favorite video game. Don’t be a dick, woman.


Feed his ego

Ah, men and their egos. If there’s something constant all across the world, it’s how men like to believe that they’re the ones in charge, the alpha male who likes to take care of their women. So why don’t you let him think he’s in charge? It doesn’t mean you have to abide by every whim and fancy of his. What it means is that you have to make him believe that every idea of yours is actually his, and then let him go ahead with that. Also, please don’t try to dominate him. Men’s egos can’t handle that. Frankly speaking, dominating him or making him feel emasculated is pretty much the opposite of what you should do when working on how to make him chase you again.


Patience is key

If you think trying these techniques will give you instant results, then newsflash princess, it doesn’t work that way. That only happens in romantic movies, never in real life. The truth is that it takes time for him to notice those changes in you. It could be days, weeks or even sadly months. So if you really want him, you need to be patient with this process and keep hope alive that he will chase you once again!


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