How to make him fall for you? Believe it or not, falling in love is not as random as you may believe. While there definitely are certain qualities that attract you to certain types of people, in reality, you can make people fall in love with you. But before we get into these love hacks, please know that they aren’t in any way a guarantee – they will simply increase the chances of him falling in love with you.

So, what exactly are these love hacks that tell you how to make him fall for you?

9 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love You



Not something you were expecting, right? Not surprising. Not a lot of people know that there’s a direct relation between your adrenaline level and your level of attraction to people. The more the adrenaline running inside his body, the more likely he will be attracted to you. So what can you do?

Simple: Make your first date at a high action place, like an amusement park well known for its scary rides, or something adventurous like rock climbing. Not something up your alley? No worries. Watching a horror movie or visiting a horror house does exactly the same – make him get out of his comfort zone and have his adrenaline pumping. Too scared? Well, you could always challenge him to a game – competitiveness also increases the level of adrenaline being released by your brain.


Physical proximity

People are seldom physically close to people they dislike, right? Physical proximity is always reserved for people they like or are comfortable with. So when you meet him for a third or fourth time, make sure you increase you physical contact with him. Hug him, shake hands, hold on to his elbow while laughing at his lame jokes, brushing aside his bangs from his face – you know, the usual cutesy stuff. But don’t go overboard, as that might make you appear desperate.


Mutual friends

Now you can consider this a bonus point for how to make him fall for you, because this is definitely not something in your control. There’s science behind this: The human brain is wired to trust/like people who are trusted/liked by the people we trust/like. A little confusing, I know, but you’ll get it!

After all, there’s a reason we get to hear about so many couples getting hitched because their mutual friends introduced them. And the reason is mutual trust.


Show him your nurturing side

You want him to fall in love with you because you want to be in a long term committed relationship with him, right? And if that’s exactly what he’s also looking, then show him your softer, more caring side. Talk about how you’d love to have pets/children some day, or how you love volunteering at the local children’s NGO….Or pretty much any similar activity that makes you look good as ‘wife’ material.

It shows him that not only are you serious and responsible, but you’re also ready to take things to the next level.



How to make him fall for you? One of the most mischievous ways of accomplishing that is by mirroring him. Simply…copy his actions! This is actually a very important trait when it comes to attraction. We’re often attracted to people who do or say as we do or say, right? The more you talk, the more you realize you have a lot of similarities between you two. In order to trick his brain into believing this, mimic his actions. When he picks up his spoon, pick up yours. When he raises his glass to drink, raise yours too. When he smiles, smile back!


Share a secret

The principle’s the same as in the Physical Proximity point explained above. You share secrets only with those you trust, right? Being a partner in a secret that nobody else knows makes you feel closer to that person. So, sharing small secrets here and there is automatically going to make his brain trust you more in return for the faith you’ve shown in him. With the passage of time, share bigger secrets with him. Make sure you don’t go overboard, though.


Warm date

One of the tips when it comes to how to make him fall for you, includes temperature. Yes, that temperature. In a study conducted by Yale psychologist John Bargh, participants who held hot beverages in their hands, said that the group of people in front of them had good/warm personalities. The ones with cold beverages in their hands said exactly the opposite. Avoid going on dates where you end up having cold drinks, ice creams or yogurts. Instead opt for coffee dates.


The power of Red

Red is a color that inspires passion and love from within us. Seeing a woman in a red dress or with a red lipstick on has the capacity to instantly turn men on. In modern society, red was always perceived to be a symbol for love, lust and passion. But why is that? Is it societal? Cultural or biological? The answer is: It could easily be all 3. But the bottom line is, that the color red actually works to your advantage, not to mention making you stand out immediately in a crowd of people.


Shared passions

Much like sharing a secret, sharing a passion creates an instant bond between the two of you. This is the kind of bond that’s difficult to shake off because it’s based on mutual love. Try to get to know his likes and dislikes better. Try doing things he loves or discover more about him – you’re bound to come across at least one thing that you two agree on, right? Could be religion, animals or something as silly as your most hated TV character.


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