When you truly like someone, you constantly find ways to catch his attention. There will be moments when you are unsure of his feelings and intentions. As such, there are times when you think about testing him just so you would know how he would react. Intentionally making him jealous may sound cruel but it can help you know how much he truly cares for you. If you want to know how to make him jealous, there are several things that you can do.

15 Tips on How to Make Him Jealous


Look amazing

If you want to make him jealous, dress well and look amazing. You cannot expect someone to feel jealous when you look shabby and unkempt. Make him realize how much of a catch you are by getting a new haircut and following a healthy routine. Sooner or later, you will feel his uneasiness and would find him trying to make contact with you.


Talk about Celebrities

Although there is a low chance that you would ever get together with your celebrity crush, swooning over your crush would make your guy feel jealous. This is especially true when you mention particular characteristics about the celebrity that your guy feels that he does not have. A muscular body, mesmerizing eyes, perfect smile – whatever it may be, your guy will surely feel a tingle in his heart every time you mention your favorite celebrity.


Have a male best friend

If you want to know how to make him jealous, bring in a male best friend. He may be a college friend or your office best friend. Knowing that there is another guy in this world that knows a lot about you will make your guy tense up and claim you. This is especially true when he remembers romantic comedies where the best friend actually turned out to be the soul mate of the leading lady.


Flirt with other guys

Nothing would make him more jealous than seeing you flirt with other guys. You can test this out by laughing with other men and complimenting their looks. When he sees you talking to other guys and giving all your attention on them, his insides would boil and he would want nothing but to steal you away from another man’s eye.


Go out without him

Your guy thinks that you cannot have fun without him. Well, make him think again. Go out with your friends and make him realize that you can still enjoy even without his company. Make him a little more jealous by inviting some of your guy friends. Seeing you enjoy with these people will make him really jealous and want to be around you next time.


Look Busy

If you want to know how to make him jealous, try pretending to be busy. You have been trying to meet up with him many times before but he would not budge. Now that he has finally caught the bait, be the more challenging one by telling him you have other plans. This will surely make him jealous as he would wonder what other things you are busy with.


Pretend like you don’t care

Even if you would still like to hang out with him even after he has declined your invites, you can challenge him by acting like you do not care. When he comes up to you to apologize, act like it is not a big deal. He will surely wonder where all the sweetness went.


Make him wait for a while

Even when you are dying to talk to him, you have the right not to be needy and clingy. When he finally texts you back, wait for some time before responding. A good 30 minutes can do the trick and keep him on his toes. This will make him realize that you have other things to think about, too.


Keep conversations short

After several attempts and you still could not get through him, change the game by keeping conversations short and to the point. Even if you would really like both of you to talk about each other’s day, pique his interest by being a little bit mysterious for once.


Talk about other guys

If you really want to know how to make him jealous, let him hear you talk about other guys. Hearing another man’s name come out of your mouth will surely make your guy wonder who these people are in your life. He will surely want to be the only man that you are raving about to other people.


Spend free time with friends

When you have extra days to spend, try spending them with your friends instead of with him. He is probably used to all the attention that you are giving him that when you suddenly change courses, he will surely wonder why and become jealous.


Post photos on social media

When you go out to have fun with your friends, make sure to take a lot of photos and remember all the good times that you had. When your guy sees how much fun you had, he will surely wish to be with you next time.


Get Checked Out

Getting checked out by other men is something that would really make your guy jealous. When your guy sees that you are getting the attention of other men, he will surely want to keep you close and make these men know that you are off-limits.


Seek help from another guy

If you are wondering how to make him jealous, seek help from another guy. Asking for another man’s help will surely touch your guy’s ego. Sooner or later, you would find him showing you that he can do a much better job in dealing with your problem.


Be happy

The key secret to making him jealous is being happy. When a guy sees that you are so secure and comfortable, he will find ways on how he can be part of it.


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