How to make your crush your boyfriend? You’ve been wondering this for quite some time and rightly so. This boy’s perfect for you in every imaginable way, and hey. If he’s not perfect, you still love him with all his flaws. But the thing is how do you show him that you’re ready for something more serious, without sounding desperate? What is it that you can do (or shouldn’t do) in order to show him that you’re the one girl he should commit to? Well, it’s time to stop wondering and to start taking action!

How to Make Him Your Boyfriend

Keep in mind that these are tips and in no way rules or guidelines that will necessarily work in your favor. A lot depends on the nature of the boy you want to date, and on how you execute the tips mentioned below:

Say No to Sex

If you’re looking for something permanent, sex should be on the back burner and your emotions should be at the forefront. Get to actually know each other emotionally and mentally before tearing down each other’s clothes. This will also show him that you’re looking for a real relationship with him that’s not based on just physical attraction.


Find Mutual Interests

How to make him your boyfriend? Well, I’ll tell you now NOT to make him your boyfriend – by pretending to like something that he does. You’ll either soon grow weary of it or he’ll catch on. Instead, talk to him, ask him questions and try to find mutual ground, which could include something as silly as fav TV shows. You won’t believe the amount of passionate discussions TV shows like Game of Thrones or FRIENDS can bring up.


Get His Friends to Like You

Be on the good side of his friends and family. They will be the ones taking about you behind your back, encouraging him to date a girl like you…Or, you know, date you.

The approval and friends and family are important to guys, and if you have it, you’ve already won half the battle.


Introduce Him to Your Friends

This will show him that you trust him enough to introduce him to the people closest to you – friends and even family. It will also show him that you view him as somebody who is more than just physically attractive – it will show him that you’re looking for something more from him.


Attract Him Physically

And I don’t mean sexually. If you want to know how to make him your boyfriend, then let me explain with an example. If he’s into redheads, then how about coloring one or two streaks of your hair red? Not only will that instantly make you more memorable in his mind but subconsciously, he will be just a little bit more attracted to you. Because let’s face it – if a man isn’t physically attracted to you then his chances of being in a relationship with you are pretty slim.


Don’t Be a Kiss Ass

I mean, I get it. You want him, but don’t make it obvious, okay? Don’t agree to everything he says, don’t be a doormat, don’t make yourself available to him 24x7. Such actions reek of desperateness and no guy would ever consider getting serious with such a girl. Ever.


Make Him Chase You

If he’s giving you the cold shoulder, give him a colder shoulder. If he’s taking hours or even days to respond to texts, you do the same to him. The thing is if you give easily in the beginning then you will always be the one making adjustments and compromises. And trust me you don’t want to be that girl. If his attitude improves, great. If it doesn’t, then he obviously isn’t worth your time or self-respect. Doing so would only be the worst way on how to make him your boyfriend.


Say No to Nagging

Or constantly criticizing him, correcting him or asking him to be a better version of himself. That shit works once or twice but if you’ve made it a habit, guess who’s going to be too pissed with you to create a positive emotional connection with you, huh? Nobody likes a woman who is constantly finding faults in you, whether you’re a man or a woman.


Have Deep Conversations with Him

I mean sure, it’s all fun and games discussing about the latest meme on the internet and laughing your asses over it, but if you want him to notice you, then you have to get out of your comfort zone. Initiate deep, meaningful conversations with him. Ask him about his hobbies, his dreams, his passions and his plan for the future. Show him that you’re interested in him on a deeper level. That is sure to catch his interest.


Hang Out More during Day Time

Well the thing is that when you meet someone during the night, it kind of sets a different vibe than when you’re meeting someone at 12 for brunch, you know. You need to keep things light and casual, but interesting enough for him to want you. Meet out more on coffee dates, brunches or simply have lunch in the park. I’ll bet you everything that you two will see each other in a very different light (and I do mean that literally). This is one of those tips on how to make him your boyfriend that you don’t generally get to see on the internet, so make full use of it!


Love Yourself

I know this sounds cliché, but a lot of girls stop valuing themselves once they find a guy to fawn over. Girl, no. Be smart, confident and independent and your attitude will eventually attract the right guy towards you. Remember: if you do not love yourself then how can you expect someone else to love you?


Give Him a Nickname

Not something lovey-dovey like baby or honey, but something that’s friendly and maybe even a little tease, like Freckles or Nintendo Boy. Something that only you call him. Bonus points if it’s a name that’s based on that one thing you know about him that nobody else does. The more you use that name, the more you will endear yourself to him.


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