Sometimes having occasional clashes may be a good sign of a healthy relationship. In other instances though, it can mean the end of your relationship altogether. If you are not of the uncompromising type not willing to forgive easily but accept the bad things as they happen, it’s useful to have some surrender scenarios up your sleeve and learn how to make it up to your boyfriend. Here’s our take on some effective ways to do it.

12 Ways to Make It Up to Your Boyfriend After a Terrible Fight


Don’t fret after it’s over

It’s a really huge temptation to go on even after it’s over. We women will always find something to say to hit the nail harder. However, this may be the case when it’s better to bite your tongue and avoid spitting your anger out for the sake of a happy ending. Try to switch to some other activities to distract your attention, and after some time you will notice your temper is cooled down and you are ready to talk not quarrel.


Respect his privacy

You will never know for sure whether you should leave him alone in a respectful distance or make up to him with all your feminine charms. Switch on your intuition and act as you feel would be appropriate in any given situation, but just don’t get offended even more when he tries to hide from your sight and make up his mind about what has just happened.


Give him time to cool down

Apart from leaving him some private space after your fight, let him enjoy it for the period that is just enough for him to cool down. To know how to make it up to your boyfriend means to notice his slightest changes of mood. You will soon learn to see these little triggers, and break your silence just in time for him to be ready to reciprocate.


State your intention to make peace discreetly

If you had a very serious scene that is not that easy to overcome, try to leave him some hints that you are up to make peace. Otherwise, he may think you are all locked up and won’t tolerate any actions of reconciliation.

For example, you can put some light-hearted notes on your refrigerator door, or get closer to him little by little so that he notices you don’t shy away from his presence. If he seems to respond in the same fashion, this may be the right time to bury your swords.


Be empathic

When cooling down after a terrible fight, think not only of yourself but also try to take his side and see the situation through his eyes. This can be really helpful when you can’t totally get why you started quarrelling in the first place. Analyzing the situation from his point of view is constructive. Also, when wondering how to make it up to your boyfriend and start the conversation, you can always mention his arguments to prove you understand him.


Remind him of your better days

When you are all down and shattered, it’s comforting to recall your better, happier days together. If it brings a smile to your face, maybe it’s worthy of sharing with your sweetheart as well just to remind him it wasn’t always like this. In this bout of nostalgia, you are likely to get closer again, wiping tears away and returning to your casual routine of feeling at ease with each other.


Show your affection

If you are the first to realize it’s time to reconcile, don’t be afraid of showing it. You can’t hide the fact that you are drawn to another person without hurting yourself with this self-imposed detachedness, so don’t ask further how to make it up to your boyfriend and just do it in the most sincere manner, with either words or tender touches.


Reconcile in bed

And stemming logically from the previous point, making peace with the help of sex is proved to be one of the easiest and most affectionate ways to forget even the most disastrous fight.

When having a let’s-break-everything row, you ignite each other with a whole lot of wild energy. This is likely to bring passion back and show you both that you can go through many shitty things, but your actual feelings remain intact.


Find an ally to help you out

If you feel helpless on your own, get some help from your mutual friends or relatives. If these people have been around for some time to see your relationship is nothing like bullshit, they will be happy to help you out with a bit of persuasion and friendly magic. All you will have to do is just direct them lightly and watch things improve right before your eyes.


Analyze your behavior

Learning how to make it up to your boyfriend involves a decent degree of self-analysis. No need to go to a therapist, just sit quietly for some time and try to find answers in yourself without blaming him. You are both responsible for anything that happens between you, so finding your little faults is stimulating and helps to avoid such traps in the future.


Don’t be afraid to say sorry

This is the hardest part, but sometimes you just can’t get away without apologizing. This is a healthy practice that proves to him that your relationships are valuable and you are not ready to let it go so easily. Not being afraid of showing your vulnerability won’t be left unnoticed from his side and greatly speed up your reconciliation.


Learn by your mistakes and don’t repeat them

Screwing up things is so human, but the only thing that matters is that you learn by your mistakes and don’t let them happen again. If healing your relationships is one of your top priorities, give it a thorough thought and discuss the situation after all the heat is gone.

The most precious things in our life are also the most fragile, and not taking good care of them may be as your fault as it is his. If you notice, however, that all the talking is just a waste of time and you both don’t learn any lessons, get back to your list of priorities and remind yourself of what is really important. So why not trying harder?


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