Cold fact: You may not admit publicly or even to yourself, but in your heart of hearts you desire attention. More than attention, you absolutely crave love. We all do. We all secretly wish to be the star of the evening, attracting all the limelight and all the cool groups pleading us to join them.

But does that happen in real life? Can you get everyone to like you? Yes you can, and we are here to tell you how to make people love you.

Top 10 Secrets to Make People Love You


Remember Names

Nothing sounds sweeter to people than hearing the sounds of their names from new acquaintances. When you meet someone new, ask for their name and remember it. Quickly save their contact on your phone or diary, so you remember their name the next time you chat with them. If you do forget their name though, look for a common friend and quietly ask him. That will save you from any embarrassment when your new contact calls you by name and you can’t seem to remember his!


Be Fun-Loving

How to make people love you? Make them laugh. Be a fun-loving guy, crack jokes, even make fun of yourself. This’ll show you don’t take yourself too seriously. But do this in moderation as there’s a thin line between being funny and acting like a clown which will only annoy others. 


Show Genuine Interest in Others

People love to talk about themselves, so indulge them with asking questions about their interests, hobbies and passions. They’ll get a huge ego boost that someone thinks highly of them and will be impressed by your taking personal interest in them. And the next time you meet them, do remember to ask about their hobbies again (For example: “So did you enjoy a round of golf this weekend too?”). Trust us: they’ll be floored by your special attitude towards them.


Listen Actively

Here’s a simple secret if you want to know how to make people love you. Listen more, talk less. When you show genuine interest in others, let them talk about themselves. Keep nodding, asking small follow up questions and make them feel they are leading the conversation (while really it’s you all the time) and show them you are closely paying attention to what they are saying. People tend to remember those who are genuinely interested in listening to them.


Ask for Advice or Help

This is a classic strategy that has been used effectively through ages. Simply ask people for their opinion or advice on a topic. We humans love giving suggestions and advice to others even if we have no clue about it! When you ask someone for advice, it’ll inflate his ego and show him that you value his opinion or respect his mastery about a subject. Try it, it will work wonders on the person you’re trying to get close to.


Look Good

When meeting new people, the first impression you make on them will also be the lasting impression. It’s essential that you come well groomed which means wearing nice clothes, smelling fresh and hair combed properly. Nothing will repel them than seeing you shabbily dressed and having bad personal hygiene. If you do, don’t be surprised to see them distance away the next time they bump into you.


Shower Praises and Compliments

Shower sincere praise on people and you can be rest assured you’ll never have to wonder how to make people love you. We all love to be complimented and recognized for our efforts. So if you find an opportunity to appreciate someone on his work or his contribution to the community or his helpful nature, shower generous praise on him, and if you can, do it publicly. A public recognition will instantly make you likeable in the eyes of the recipient.


Be a Storyteller

Who doesn’t love a good story? If you notice, in a crowd you’ll find people circling around the one who tells them a good story, making them curious or laugh. A word of advice: it takes time to master the art of storytelling, so you may want to practice it at home first. Have an entertaining story (not gossip) and use enough gestures, pauses and other tactics to make it interesting to keep your audience engrossed. Don’t make it too long though, as it may give a negative impression that you love to hog all the limelight.



As easy as it sounds, most people simply don’t smile enough or worse, show boredom while conversing and it becomes a major put off. When you smile, it conveys your positive attitude and that you are honestly enjoying chatting with them, something they’ll remember and love you for. Smiling is also infectious and will attract more people towards you.


Give Your Hand, Discreetly

Physical contact can be a bit risky, yet very effective if done properly. A definite recommendation is firmly shaking hands with men, even patting them on the back occasionally. But when it comes to the opposite sex, you’ll have to be a little careful. The safest way is to wait for their gesture and simply reciprocate: if they open up their arms for a hug, simply hug them; if they want to shake hands, offer your hand to greet them. An effective physical contact done confidently will make them feel more emotionally connected to you.


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