Relationships cannot be forced into being, but there are some situations where it is important to know how to make someone like you. If there is someone special that you want to be friends with, or someone you find interesting who you'd like to know better, or someone you have a crush on but not very close to - a little manipulation so that the person gets to know you, and like you, may be a good idea at hand.

9 Awesome Tips on How to Make Someone Like You

Knowing how to make someone like you may not be an exact science, but there are certain steps and tricks that you can follow to make the process easier.

Be Available, And Unavailable

It is important that you keep yourself close to the person as much as you can, but at the same time, not give them the feeling that you are always available. In order for someone to like you, they would have to get to know you first, and that requires physical proximity.

Be where you know that person is probably going to be; you need to be around them so that they are aware of your existence. Try to interact with other people instead of always starring at them wistfully; be friendly and approachable but not too available for them so that they cannot take you for granted. Wait until they are aware of you and know you, and then make yourself less available.


Show Your Interest in Them as a Person

Since it is you who are initially interested in knowing each other, you have to show it. Approach the person and engage in a conversation, be as friendly and attentive as you can. Show that you are interested in knowing them further; if applicable, give them the reason you are interested, i.e. something that they had said previously that you liked, or some common interest that you both share. This will give them a chance to know you a little, and let them show their interest in knowing you, too.


Ask Question That Show Your Attention

One sure way to know how to make someone like you is to know to ask questions about them. We all love to answer queries about ourselves - about our interests, about our life, and about our plans and dreams. Asking questions are also a sure way to show someone that you are interested in knowing them further.

Besides, when you are asking appropriate question about someone's life, it gives them an opportunity to ask the same questions about you - which would indicate that they are also interested in getting to know you.


Be Genuinely Interested in Them

Looking for ways of how to make someone like you requires you to be genuinely interested in them. If you are asking the right questions that get them talking about themselves, you have to concentrate fully on what they are talking about. Not polite acknowledgement or fake sympathy, but actual interest that will make them feel appreciated and noticed.

If this is a person that you are genuinely interested in knowing and forging a relationship with, you need to be the perfect listener. Pay attention to what they are talking about so that you are able to ask the right questions and nudge them the proper way, and so that you are both able to carry a meaningful conversation with each other, not just small talk and chitchat.


Make Regular Eye Contact

Making eye contact is another certain way to let someone know what you feel about them, whether they are someone you are really interested in, or just someone you consider polite company. If you want to know how to make someone like you, you have to understand the important role that meaningful and effective eye contact can play.

Locking eyes with someone, or regularly looking directly into their eyes, sends a very powerful message to the person - a message saying that this is a relationship that you are interested in continuing. On the other hand, when two people in a conversation don’t look at each other but away, it means they are just talking to be polite and social. Therefore, when talking to the person you want to like you, be sure to make regular eye contact so that they do not miss the signs.


Make Them Feel Appreciated

Everyone loves to be appreciated by other people, and to make someone feel cherished is to help them develop feelings for you. Being a good listener and asking the right questions at the right time can help a person feel acknowledged and heard.

However, a person truly feels treasured when another person understands them. Find out what they are most passionate about in their lives and compliment on that - i.e. on their career, their hobby, their skill, their business. Validating someone on a topic they feel strongly about will definitely make them warm up to you.


Smile, As Often As Possible

A little smile goes a long way, so don't forget to give them your most genuine smile whenever the occasion calls for it. A smile makes everyone look more attractive, as well as more interesting, and it is a great way to make someone like you.


Add Some Physical Contact to the Equation

Besides smiling, a little appropriate touching every now and then is also a good idea; nothing too obvious, just a few seconds on the arm or the shoulder. Touching is a part of non-verbal communication, and quite effective in showing mutual interest and liking between two people!


Above All, Be Honest

There's nothing better than be honest with the person you hope will like you back someday. So after you have done everything you can to make them like you, be completely honest about your intentions. You don't actually have to ask them to like you, but just be clear about the notion that you want to continue knowing them further, and that you wish to carry on your conversations together. This will remove any doubt they might have had about you, and they would probably appreciate your straightforwardness and honesty.


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