It's an embarrassingly well-known fact that a lot of people get unusually irritated whenever they see their ex-partner with another person. People get even more jealous if they can sense that there's an emotional connection between their ex and his or her new lover. Anyway, if you want to make your ex-partner jealous and don’t know how to go about things, then you have come to the right place.

How to Make Your Ex Jealous

Are you going through the breakup phase with your partner? Are you still yearning for their love and care, but you're not able to get it? Well, we'll help you achieve it.

Always look happy

Try to find a way to appear happy and look good. Hang out with your friends, have fun, buy yourself something new or buy yourself that bag you always wanted. And even if none of these things work, just go out in public with a smile on your face, always. Sure, it's okay to be upset for a few weeks or even months after a breakup, but never let your ex see how you feel. Don't allow them to control your life and rule your mood.


Spruce yourself up

People sometimes become careless about their personal look, while some people simply don't find enough time and passion for improving their overall image. If you noticed that you got rusty after your relationship breakup, it should certainly motivate you to make some changes in your lifestyle. Do you know why? Because what we do on the outside affects how we feel on the inside. And also it’s one of the easiest methods on how to make your ex jealous.


Make HIM want you

Go ahead and cut off every kind of contact with your ex-partner immediately after a breakup. No calls, no messages, no social media chatting or not going to places where there is a possibility to encounter them. Give yourself enough time and space to be able to think rationally about everything that happened. More importantly, give him time to miss you. A period of say one month without contact is an excellent way to intrigue your ex-partner and possibly make him thinking about you all the time. So just act smart and simply distance yourself from him.


Be gracious to him

Flirting is usually a harmless behavior among people, but how to make your ex jealous if your ex starts flirting with others? In this case, you shouldn't show jealousy because that is literally the biggest mistake you can make. And don't even think about being indecent and rude. If you do accidentally come across the pair, then simply shake their hands. Give the new lady a cool compliment, or maybe mention how they seem like a good couple.


Hang out with your mutual friends

You can get your ex’s attention using a special strategy – spend time with your mutual friends. They know both of you, and can be a very important factor in sharing your current opinions and thoughts to your ex-partner. Even if they don't, your ex-partner will most likely ask them about you. So go ahead and hang out with them as often as you can. So go ahead and tell your mutual friends every juicy little detail – you have a great chance to get the secrets of how to make your ex jealous and even get him or her back.


Get rid of your bad habits

Everyone has their own bad habits, including you. Is there anything that your ex-partner hated about you? It can be something small like biting nails, laziness, untidiness or something big like terrible voice modulation or dressing like a homeless woman. Whatever it is, you should get rid of or improve your bad habits. Work on yourself and improve your personality. Make sure you're always tidy and comfortable. Look good, hit the gym and get rid of belly fat. Do whatever it takes, girl! When your ex-partner meets you, they'll immediately see that you have improved yourself, and that will definitely make them jealous!


Be active on social networks

How to make your ex jealous? Let the Internet be your new best friend. Stay in contact with your mutual friends and constantly update your “happy” life on your social media profiles. Post some new pictures from your recent travels and hangouts. Go ahead and flirt with potential partners on Facebook. Even if your ex-partner isn't on your friend list, there are mutual friends, right? They'll surely inform your ex about what you’ve been up to. Go ahead and make sexy/happy updates about yourself (and make sure their setting isn’t private but public). Absolutely never should you go ahead and post sad quotes online. It’s a big no because it makes you look pathetic. People never envy a pathetic person, but pay sympathy to one.


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