Your marriage seems to be going nowhere and the man you had chosen for life isn’t paying as much attention as he had vowed. You feel that the passion he once had for you is starting to fleet away. Your beauty is fading as you matured and the insecurities start to get onto you. Maybe he’s now disinterested in you. Maybe you just aren’t as attractive as you once were to him. It’s time to make your move before your relationship drifts away any further. You are going to tap into the mind of your husband and remind him of the torch you both held. How to make your husband love you again? Here are some tips to get his love back.

14 Useful Tips on How to Make Your Husband Love You Again You Can’t Miss


Has he really stopped loving you?

Before you go about trying to get the lost love back, think about it, has he truly stopped loving you? Is there even an actual problem in the relationship or that’s just you being overly paranoid? Look for clues or try your best to find out the way he feels. The best is probably to confront him and have an actual talk with your husband, you know.

Make sure he understands the way you feel, why you think he had stopped loving you. Ask him how he feels. Probably it is all in your head. The simple solution is to just spend more quality time together.


Recognize the situation

Two of you are a couple, tied by vows and sense of faithless loyalty to each other. The responsibility lies on both of you to make the marriage work. You find that it should be the time to work things out together with your man again. There are plenty of factors on how the relationship could be affected. Consider some of the following:

  • Illness

  • Lack of communication

  • Lack of quality time together

  • Economic problems

  • Routine

  • Family problems

  • Children problems

Pinpoint the issue and solve them together with your husband.


Find your own passion

You can never find that love without making sure that you love yourself again. Your husband falls for you because of who you are, what dictates you as that person captivate him. Find the passion in life you had once again. Enjoy them and incorporate them into your daily life. Enjoy what you love doing and now you could have your husband to join in the fun. (e.g. if you loved dancing, play some music around the house, dance around the living room, grab your husband and have him join you!)


Dress to impress yourself

Now that you are married, you feel no pressure to dress to impress anyone. Your pajamas will suffice, not that your husband will mind, right? Well, wear sexy clothing or anything that empowers you. Give yourself more time to make yourself sexier. Cleaning around the house? Be as sexy as possible when you are around him. Man can sense those vibes.

It’s really about building your inner confidence. Be sexy on the inside and you will easily get the attention you sought.


Remind him of the reason why he fell in love with you

You can’t deny that your spouse loves you while the love might have diminished. It’s still not too late to change that. Remind your husband why you are the one he loves.

Do your best to have him experience that occasion when you both once met and fell in love. Exercise and lose those weight to return to the thinner you. Cut long hair to the shorter style you once wore with pride. But most importantly, spend time together.

Have a weekend getaway, just so the two of you could relive all the memories of why and how the red thread brings the two of you together and what marriage had brought into the table. See that marriage is for the best and both of you should continue working together towards strengthening it.


By understanding him more

Men are the doers, the ones who bring home the bacon, the hunters who bring back the killing to support the family, you get the idea. Time has definitely changed: women are as capable as a hunter. Considering how we have been hammered to our mind since young that men should be macho while women should be dainty, this conservative perspective hasn’t changed that much. Showing your appreciation for his hard work, it goes a long way.


Nag less, talk more

Another reason could be that you have slowly turned into a mother, that is, you nag a little too much. Marriage goes that way, at one point the wife will stop talking and begin nagging. Once you start doing so, the husband will naturally be tuned out and there goes that respect you have built over the years.


Hang out with his friends

Your husband treats his friends differently in a sense. You might just reveal a hidden personality that only comes up when he’s with his closest buddies, even something that you never knew he had in him. How easy going, he is with people he just met, how he made hilarious jokes and maybe how he often brags about his wife. It could just change your overall perspective of him.


A surprise special dinner

If you don’t think you can get to him with words, do it with your cooking skills and effort. Prepare an elaborate meal for your husband, something special that could just catch him off guard. Make sure that it should look as good as it tastes, don’t spare the expenses on presentation. Hug him from the back and whisper to his ear, “I know you have been busy lately, so I prepared you something special”.


Spend quality time together

How to make your husband love you again? Find the time between both of your busy schedules and spend quality time together. Something simple like a stroll down a park, or lying down by each other watching the clouds. Get some dinner in that fancy restaurant downtown or just set up your very own candlelit dinner right at home. Plan the activities together and it would surely spice up your marriage.


Shake up your sex schedule

Sex shouldn’t be left as a routine before going to sleep every night. Never skimp on the sex. Lunch time, a quickie before leaving the bed, slip to his shower, or whenever the children are out. If you could really do it before bedtime, then make the most of it. It should be an event, not a routine.


Show him appreciation

Your husband returns home from a long day of work, how about thanking him and give him a kiss. Be it being a good father or a good company to you, just show him a little verbal appreciation. While thanking each other is already a silent understandable and a mutual thing for a couple, it never hurt to just praise him for being such a good husband. Do it in front of your kids even.


Show your care

Care for each other, show it, and not just imply them. Do something cute for him once in a while, like an “I love you” note in your husband’s lunchbox. Give him a hug and a long kiss when he came back from after a long day, tell him you missed him. Little gestures here and there is what makes the difference.


No harmful words or actions

Marriage comes with plenty of frustration and at times, at times, we just do something we never meant to just out of anger. Any negative actions create distance, positive ones close this although by much less. Learn to forgive and forget, deal with the differences and it will surely strengthen your marriage.


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