A happy relationship starts with a happy partner. Be it you have been with your spouse for a year or approaching the thirtieth anniversary, it’s always one of the husband biggest challenges, keep his wife happy. There is no real secret for keeping your wife happy. She isn’t someone you please or try to satisfy. She is your wife, your life partner, and your love. As the closest person to her, you are the one that could keep her the happiest. Be it communication skills, keeping the romance burning or understanding your missus’s needs, here are some guides you could follow to help you out with making your wife joyful and feeling all around blessed.

How to Make Your Wife Happy: 10 Original & Creative Ways Worth a Try


Simply listen

What most men get wrong about women is that when she complained about something, she doesn’t really need the men to try to fix the problem or worry about it with her. While it is commendable, what the unhappy women really need is just a pair of listening ears. That’s all.

Don’t provide, don’t question, unless it affects you too. You should nod along and agree with her. It’s the women’s way to unwind all the buildup frustration. Once she is done, she should feel better. That’s when you give her a longing hug.


Introduce her with a compliment

Introduce your wife to something like “Here’s my beautiful wife.” This little sentence goes farther than you expect. Not only are you publicly recognizing her as your better half, you are validating your cherished love for her.


Embrace when you see her

Day to day body contact says a lot in how good your relationship is going. After a long day at work, both of you come home exhausted, a long loving embrace is more that welcomed. You are making a point that you missed her. If you barely do this enough, a random big hug could immediately perk up her day. Follow it up with a kiss for double the contentment.


Ask her how you can help

Don’t simply assume that she doesn’t need your help. Is she cleaning around the house? Help her with the cleaning. Ate a sumptuous meal cooked by your talented spouse? Offer to wash all the dishes for her. This shouldn’t apply to only physical work. Tune into her spiritual and emotional need, be her supportive shoulder to lean on and spare her your listening ear.


Notice what she worries about and reassure her

Everyone needs someone that can reassure that their insecurities are just stemmed from their own wild imagination. To your wife, you should be the first person to notice all her worries. Financial problems, child’s development, or planning your next holidays would all give plenty of pressures. Help her relieve those valves and assist her with encouragement and reassurance that everything will turn out fine like usual.


Bring her unexpected gift

For how to make your wife happy, never forget the gift. No one dislikes receiving gifts, especially if you don’t gift your wife enough. Sure there are times that you will treat her to a special gift like on mother’s day or her birthday. Surprise her out of nowhere with a box of chocolate or bouquet of dandelions. It doesn’t matter whether it's inexpensive or come in small packages; what you are really gifting is your appreciation for her.


Write her a love note

Bring out your inner Shakespeare to write the cheesiest love note that you can think of. It doesn’t have to be a 14 lines sonnet with the perfect rhyme scheme. Simply write down the things that you love about her. Reminisce about the past, how you two first met, the happy memories you two shared, how glad you are to have married her. If you notice how vibrant she’s been this week, compliment her on that, tell her that she is the most beautiful woman you had ever laid your eyes upon and maybe how good of a job she has been doing as a mother.


Help with the household duties

You found yourself arriving home early from work, and your wife won’t be back for another hour or so. Why not brighten up her night arriving home to a well-vacuumed house and the laundry all washed and hanged after an exhausting day at the office? This shouldn’t be a once in a blue moon occasion. When you see her running around the house doing chores, help her with them, or even better, start doing so without being asked. It is your love nest too after all.


Watch your words

Few things you should forever keep to yourself, or at least away from your spouse. One is along the line of “Don’t you think that woman looks attractive?” You will only receive silent treatment and the cold embrace of the sofa for the rest of the weekend.

You should also never mention anything that could hurt her sense of worth, something like you have a longtime problem with her certain habit. Even if you are being honest with her, you don’t really want to hear that from a partner. You are implying that you sick of tolerating with that certain problem and that is a huge blow to her insecurities. That’s not constructive criticism and that’s how you start a fight. No, she isn’t being unreasonable for being angry at you, that’s indeed your fault. Terms of exaggeration such as “always” and “never” should never be used. Rethink what you are about to say whenever you are going to start a sentence with “You never...”


Relish the silence

When you want to know how to make your wife happy, always remember this: forgive and forget. Often times the best way to deal with the problem is to ignore it entirely. Just let it go. After a big fight, throwing insults at each other, forgive your spouse for hurting her and remind yourself why she was the one you decide to marry in the first place. Those reasons are what you should focus on. Insults are never intended and you both know it was the heat of the moment.

Let the problem pass. Maybe only address them in the future when you have both calm down and get your head clear. If you can’t come up with an answer. Then stay silent and do not harbor ill thoughts about it.


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