Very commonly around us we see people getting bestowed with the blessing of love and simultaneously numerous people also get heartbroken. This experience of pain makes love an exceptional entity. People, who get hurt, may start feeling devastated and start believing that love doesn’t exist. However, the falling apart of any relation is not the end of the world and should not be taken to heart. Regardless, the process of letting go of your love is a serious and an onerous business that should be carried out thoroughly. 

How to Move On and Let Go in a Relationship


You Gotta Be Determined to Let Go

Nothing moves unless an effort is made to make it move. Similarly, without promising yourself to let go of it, there is nothing that can be done to help you with moving on. Not only it becomes impossible, but also, you may become self-destructive, thus further falling into a pit hole that is going to hurt.

You have to tell yourself that you should move on because you can, because you have a choice. Thinking about your past and repeating the mantra of your story won’t help. So, take a step ahead and decide for yourself.


Express Your Feelings and Appreciate Your Responsibility

Be vigilant in expressing your feelings, especially the pain you are experiencing, regardless of the triggering elements, feeling or person. The faster you do it the faster it will diminish the pain and hurt. Try writing a letter to just vent out (and not to dispatch), talk to a friend or record it in a journal. Once you’re done doing it, you will be able to pinpoint the real cause of your pain.

Rethink and review your flaws and loopholes to make sure you don’t repeat them. Become active about your life and choose what you want to be and what do you expect from your life and yourself. Try not to drench your being in pain, instead evolve to survive.


Live in the Moment

It may seem the right thing to blame and assess how you were treated and abused by the other person but it’s not appropriate. Refrain yourself from doing it because there is nothing that can be done to reverse what happened previously but focus on adorning your present.

Engaging yourself on the details of your present will prevent you from peeking into your past. It may allow a few bygone to come into your head and mind, you should let it come. Own it momentarily, and then suit yourself in the current moment. Make room in your mind for positivity by sweeping out past trash.


Exonerate Others As Well As Yourself

How to move on and let go in a relationship? You should learn to forgive. No matter how big the mistake is, you should try to forgive them. In the obsession of our sufferings and strong-headedness, the ability to forgive and let go is left behind. Without agreeing with their actions, you must excuse them. Pardoning them simply signifies that you acknowledge the decency of yourselves and the damage that has been done and that you are ready for a positive change and it had to be done.

In the process you may realize your mistakes, so when you forgive yourself, you actually free yourself from this burden and walk into prosperity and happiness concealed in the future.


Believe that Your Love was Better than Theirs

You have to tell yourself that your love is special and there is someone else in the world worthy of your love. The person in your past may have never loved you as much as you loved them and they are unaware of it.

The mantra of ‘I loved them more’ will help you let go and move on in a relationship. You would obviously want someone to love you equally or more rather than loved you any less.

If you have a sketch of what you want in a partner or how they should be then be persistent in finding the right person. Don’t be hasty and get in a relation in which you have to mend your priorities.


Plan a Trip

Treat yourself with a serene and scenic difference than your current surrounding. It should be vitalizing. Meeting new people will help you develop a sense of uniqueness. Confining yourself into boundaries won’t make anything right. Step up for yourself and for unseen adventure.

Be self-reliant and autonomous, and feel proud and passionate about it. It will be hard for another person to adore you if you are not satisfied and happy with yourself.


Look for Support from Family or Friends

Find comfort and solace in the company of your family and friends and under the shower of their absolute affection. Their love is equally tender as your partner’s just in a different way.

Your best friend can judge you differently than you judge yourself. Give them a chance to suggest something by telling your secrets to them. If anything, you will be heard and will feel treasured. Nonetheless, they will give you a totally fresh view of things.


Throw Away All the Things Related to Your Ex

Keep all photos, annotations, stuffed toys and every other thing attached either directly or indirectly to the other person in a box and store them away. The process would be hurtful but at the end you will feel alleviated.

You may not want to destruct everything because forgiving and letting go of the relation does not mean you wouldn’t like to be reminded of the person whom you loved. So keep them aside to be looked at when you have moved on completely.


Know that Moving On is Beneficial

You get peace in letting go. When, every time you hold on, you feel regretted, pressurized, remorseful and overwhelmed. You need to dampen the thought process to put a halt on it.

You welcome new opportunities when you learn to let go and finally do it. It is a burden on your chest that prevents you from being able to respire adequately and ultimately stopping you to be able to assimilate anything else. Life is all about quid pro quo. You get affection only when you give it. Show some interest and open up yourself.


Avoid Contacting Them

When you’re in the process of detoxification, try not to get in touch with the person you loved. It will delay the process. Possibly, if you remain in contact you will have difficulty in getting over it, or constant nuisance from them even when you want friendship only, or state of uncertainty with their talks about the position of the relationship.


Explore New Avenues and See New People

The best answer to how to move on and let go! Meet new people and going out proves you how the world has to offer so many things. It’s a totally amazing adventure to uncover yourself for new possibilities and avenues.


Other Methods to Let Go and Move On in a Relationship

  • Workout should be adopted as a healthy method of dissipating stress and re-exploring yourself

  • Counsel yourself that letting go of someone who don’t love you is better than hanging onto an unwanted relationship

Try new things in life and meet different people to gain your vitality back. An ending relationship doesn’t mean an ending world. Your perfect partner is out there waiting for you. Develop eyes for them.


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