Things are never going to remain the same when you are in any relationship, and it is no different in marriage. You have to live with someone who may or may not think exactly like you, but you have to find a middle ground to make everything work. Experts believe that you do not have to worry about a marriage crisis because, in many cases, it only suggests that your relationship is evolving. You just need to ensure that you do not give in and find ways to sail through tough times. Here is a bit about how to pass through 5 dangerous periods of marriage.

Dealing with Different Phases in Your Married Life

You will notice some nice and romantic changes in your life from the first day of your marriage, but no two days will be the same because you are with someone who has their own way of doing things. It is natural to have disagreements occasionally, but you need to learn how to resolve those issues and move forward. Here is a bit about dealing with different phases in your married life.

The 1st Year of Marriage

This is more of a realization stage for most couples. At the end of the first year, you will realize that you need more reasons to love someone. The first charm of being madly in love will fade away during this phase with you getting to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of your partner. To make this phase work, you need to learn how to work as a team and not as a single entity. Be sure to discuss serious subjects with your partner during this phase – it should include children, finance, free time, relatives' visits, etc. Make your partner aware of your priorities and values, and be ready to find a compromise.


3-4 Years of Marriage

Once you have survived the first year, the chances are you two will have much in common to continue moving forward. Many divorces take place during this dangerous phase mainly because most couples do not care to show their love and take their partner for granted. They do not say "I love you" as often or stop saying it altogether. Both partners may have found their own "comfort zone", and that is something that sometimes makes them ignore each other. To sail through this important and rather dangerous phase, you need to work hard to maintain some emotional intensity in your life. Be sure to compliment your partner often and be there to celebrate their achievements. It is natural to feel relaxed at this stage in your marriage life, which may make you say anything and everything you have on your mind, but it is sometimes better to keep silent. Never start the blame game when you know there is a problem, but do not run away from a conversation or things would become ugly.


5-7 Years of Marriage

After being with each other for more than 5 years, it is natural to sometimes feel that you need to take a break. The 7th year of your marriage is extremely important and dangerous too, which is mainly because couples tend to relax during this phase and they both are on "auto-pilot". The routine life can certainly affect the sexual appeal and interest in each other, but not taking an initiative to re-ignite the flame could be a costly mistake. During this phase, your focus should be on communicating everything with your partner. There is no need to be that formal, but it is still important to show interest in each other's life. Do not let problems go unresolved – solve them immediately or they will spiral out of control. Do not be afraid to talk to your partner about the future of your relationship and make new plans for the next few years. Being open and honest will help you manage this phase more effectively.


10-15 Years of Marriage

It seems tough to decide that you do not want to be with your partner after being together for 11 years. When learning about how to pass through 5 dangerous periods of marriage, tackling the 11th year of marriage is sometimes the most difficult task. Women usually find them under a big load of responsibility during this phase, as they have to take care of their home and children along with managing their professional life. Women would also feel that they are not as attractive and that would make them feel uncomfortable. Being able to overcome this phase could make it easier to stretch your relationship for the next 5-8 years without any problem. Consider treating your relationship at this stage with humor, as laughing together is going to help reduce the tension between the couples during this phase. During this phase, you should have your focus only on the positives of your marriage.


20-30 Years of Marriage

It is common for couples to become a victim of mid-life crisis during this phase. Many experts believe that it is a dangerous phase because of the "empty-nest syndrome", which means that you will have grown up children that would be ready to move out and start their own family. At this stage, it is natural to feel that your relationship has come to a saturated point and your marriage is exhausted because you have achieved your main goal – that is to help your children succeed. Do not let this thought cross your mind or you will be in big trouble with your relationship. Understand that there will be conflicts during this stage, but you will also have fewer responsibilities and more time to figure out the best way forward. Communicate with your partner and thinking of setting new common goals, like new business, travel, language courses, or anything of your interest.


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