Here’s the thing. In the age of technology and with the advent of social media, picking up a girl for something as simple as a date has become increasingly simple. Pokes on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter or swipes on Tinder – everything is being done literally at your fingertips. So in such day and age, how does one even begin to pick up girls at the bar? Have the preferences of girls changed or do guys have to up their game?

How to Pick Up Girls at a Bar

The truth is, the game has definitely changed, but the base rules will always remain the same. And what are they? Read to find out:

Never be afraid of rejection

Rejection is part of the game. Ego does not go hand in hand with the attitude of a go-getter. Think about it – what's the worst that could happen? You would get rejected. Big deal. Suck it up. If you are always going to be afraid of rejection, you will never know what you could have accomplished if you had just made a move. And quite honestly, every single person on this planet faces rejection, so what makes you think a hundred times before approaching that pretty lady at the bar?


Be confident because it shows

Now we get it – picking up completely strange girls who you do not know anything about can be quite nerve wracking, especially if the girl happens to be extremely good looking. But it's not as big of a deal as you think it is. The easiest way to hone your skills is by a little practice. And by practice we mean by practicing on friends, family, acquaintances and even random people you meet on the street. Again, the worst that could happen is you being embarrassed, but then it's not like you're going to meet the people for the second time in a row. So what have you really got to lose, right? Another thing which you can do is to approach random women on the streets and initiate small conversations with them, and see how it goes.


Never use pickup lines

How to pick up girls at a bar? Avoid pickup lines. Pickup lines, apart from being terrible and clichéd, show that there is zero creativity in you. So if you think that those lines will make women instantly attracted to you, then you are very, very wrong. Women do nothing but groan and roll their eyes at a pickup line (that you think is unique) which may have already been used on them at least a hundred times.


Accept a NO with grace

Now a lot of men are unable to accept rejection from women. It is mostly the result of a patriarchal society which encourages men to believe that when a woman says no, she really means yes. That really is not the case. When women say no, it really means no, especially when it’s said to a complete stranger. Here’s what you can do. Try and strike a conversation and if even after 5 minutes you think she is still not showing interest in you, then just suck it up and cut your losses. Respect her decision and move on.


Meet several girls simultaneously

When you are single and are ready to mingle, how to pick up girls at a bar quickly? You need to have a quick learning curve and that cannot happen if you keep focusing on, say, one or two women on an average for like 4 months. It is a good strategy to approach several women at the same time. By that we don't mean you approach them at exactly the same time. Instead, it means that in one week you can go out on 4 different states with 4 different women. So even if you strike out with 3 women, you would know exactly what to do and what not to do with the 4th woman. That will help you give her the best first date possible. And obviously since you have not agreed to any sort of commitment with either of those girls, it is not cheating. So it’s alright.


Bring along friends

A wing man is important. Picture this – a woman is sitting at a bar with a friend and she sees this man alone in the bar looking at every pretty girl around. In her mind, she has already dubbed you a creep and no amount of charm or good looks will make her change her mind. But if you go to a bar with friends, you are less likely to be seen as a creep, but more likely to be viewed as a person who is at the bar with friends to have a good time.


Always seal the deal

The last secret of how to pick up girls at a bar is to seal the deal. When we say seal the deal, we don't mean sex. That is an absolute no. No gentleman does that the first time he meets a woman he is attracted to, especially if you wants to date her for a long period of time. So what do we mean? Well, you need to ensure that the lady has given you her approval and is willing to meet you for a second or even a third time after you part ways at the bar. So what is it that you can say? Things like – “Let’s text each other tonight. What’s your number?” or “Let’s head out to a more private place. I’ll drop you off at your place afterwards.”


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