Have you ever experienced wanting to pretend that a person does not exist? Do you remember your reasons why you wanted to do so? It may be that you miss the person so much but he or she does not appreciate your presence, or that you secretly have a crush on that person but afraid your abnormal acts sell you out. Or, you may want to use this trick to make yourself stand out before that special person. There could be a million reasons you want to pretend that a certain person does not exist but do you really know how?

How to Pretend Someone Doesn't Exist


Look from your peripheral view

No matter how much you are interested in a person, staring at him or her directly is not a good idea because this will reveal all your emotions. But you can watch over the apple of your eye by looking from the side of your eye. In this way, you can still see how charming or lovely the person is without him/her noticing that you are staring.


Be civil with them

If you are put into a situation where you have no choice but to attend an occasion and the person you are trying to avoid is also coming, just act civil in front of them. Act as if it was your first time to meet them, be polite but stiff. Don’t call them with their first names; address them with their last names or “you”. Act as if you do not care about their presence which will make the person feel confused, think you are cool and feel curious about you.


Limit your conversation

Make the person come after you by trying to ignore him or her. How to pretend someone doesn’t exist? Limit your conversations. This will make the person want more of you. For example, when the person says “Hi, how are you?” just answer “Hello” and then move away. Pretend you did not hear and do not reply most of the time; this will make the person think he/she may have done something wrong and try to approach you even more. Triggering any of their emotions will definitely catch their attention.


Avoid talking to them directly

If you and the person are employees in the same company or have lots of mutual friends, it is really hard to just ignore and not talk to the person because you are bonded by social responsibilities. But you can still convey messages to the person without directly talking to him or her, like sending messages through your friends or coworkers. For example, if you need to conceptualize the company’s next project, instead of asking for his/her opinions directly, ask the whole team. Or if you want to go sight-seeing and know that your crush wants that too, you can tell your plan to some mutual friends and ask them to call for some friends to do this together. Bingo, you get a chance to spend some time with that special person without getting in contact and revealing your true feeling. 


Divert your thoughts

Ignoring or avoiding someone can also cause you stress and keep you from doing things that you used to enjoy. Free yourself from thinking about that person and keep yourself busy. Trying to learn how to pretend someone doesn’t exist should not take your life away from you. Learn a new hobby or pursue the things you always wanted to do. Try to be a better you and surprise that person with all your changes. So when you try the pretending trick and the person notices your absence, he or she will think why suddenly you are gone and how you are doing. This makes the person be the one to look for you. 


Put them on the “seen zone”

With today’s technology, it is very easy to communicate with others through social media or other platforms. You can try to avoid sending private messages to them online or you can reply their messages with some estrangement. This is way easier than pretending they do not exist in person. The good news is that, even so, you can still know what they are busy doing lately, how they think about a certain event, and where they will be at a certain time. 


Pretend you didn't see them

How to pretend someone doesn’t exist but still drawing the person's attention by appearing in his or her world frequently? You can choose the route you take and the places you visit. For example, you can go their favorite restaurants, but if you come across them, do not send greetings first, but enjoy your meal and pretend you do not see them. If you want to go to the gym, you can choose one of their choices. If you do run into each other, they will see the healthy and sport-loving side of you. These arranged encounters will impress them and make them realize that you two really have something in common. 


Approach them, once in a while

How to attract their attention successfully by ignoring them? You shouldn't ignore the person totally. Once in a while, you need to act normal and be the good old you in front of your crush. For example, instead of using “you”, address the person with his or her first name. But just like what was mentioned earlier, do this only once in a while. Do not do it all the time. Make the person thrilled by your random and unusual sweetness and then back to ignore them again. This change will definitely draw the person's attention and make him think about you for some time.


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