How to prove you love someone? Now that’s a tough one to answer, seeing how the definition of love will differ from people to people. Even so, there are some actions that are accepted universally by people all over the globe, as equivalent to being in love. And here they are:

9 Tips You Can Use to Prove Your Love


Say that they’re special to you

I mean, it’s great to say “I love you” everyday to them, but come on. Words lose their value when uttered on a regular basis, especially such important words. Your partner becomes used to them, so how about you instead say something like, “I’m so happy I met you” or “I can’t believe I snatched you before any other girl could”. It’s basically the same sentiment, but now you’re expressing yourself better.



Once every week (or as frequently as you wish), have an Unplug Hour. Switch off all your devices (TV, phone, laptop, etc.) and simply…spend one hour with each other, talking and laughing like people normally do. Show them that you are willing to know them as a person, and that you are willing to make efforts to accomplish that goal.


Appreciate their hard work

You already do that when they take care of the bigger things, but what about the smaller gestures of theirs? Like when they cook your fav soup when you’re sick, or how they take the dog out for a walk because you spent late nights at the office? Do that, and you’re already half way on your road to how to prove you love someone.



This isn’t restricted to just women – men appreciate flowers too. In fact, they would appreciate it more than women because women rarely think of giving flowers to their partners. Surprise them with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! You can think ahead and also opt to purchase fake flowers that will last forever.


Bathroom manners

If you have long hair, make sure you pick them up and throw them in the bin, as opposed to letting them clog your drain. Don’t occupy too much of the shelves – only keep stuff that you use on a daily basis. Keep everything else separately outside your bathroom. Gentleman, always remember to put the toilet seat down when you’re done with using the seat. When it comes to how to prove you love someone, it goes both ways!


Gift them an experience

And of course, that experience has to be something that they’ll actually enjoy. Like maybe volunteering with them every weekend at an animal shelter, helping them create a miniature garden, going to an amusement park or an all-expenses paid week long trip to a different city.


Send them random texts

Saying cute little things like “Hey, I miss you!” or “Look at this pic. Totally reminded me of that time we spent at X” matter. They instantly brighten the mood of your partner as these texts show that you were thinking about them…for no specific purpose.


Say that you’re proud

Proud of who your partner has become, proud of how much they’ve accomplished, proud of kind they are, proud of how they handle stress, or basically any and every good point that they have. The words “I am proud of you” aren’t used often in relationships, and saying them is one of the easiest ways to work on how to prove you love someone.


Increase physical contact

I don’t mean sex or kisses. I mean physical contact that isn’t sexual in nature – like hugging, holding hands, side hugs, sleeping on their lap, etc. This will increase the physical as well as the emotional intimacy between you two.

Be careful about how to prove you love someone

There’s nothing wrong in your partner wondering whether you love them or not. There’s nothing wrong in them making you want to say it – after all, how else will they know, right? For those who believe saying those 3 magical words is not the right time, they may show their love through their actions.

But keep in mind that you should never feel like you’re being forced to do something that you don’t like, in order to prove your love.

Especially if your partner pressures you regularly to prove it to them. Doing the following things under pressure are a big NO for you:

  • Having sex when you don’t want to

  • Sharing nude pictures of yours when you’re not comfortable

  • Doing anything that goes against your morals or ethics

  • Performing illegal activities that could end up giving you serious jail time

  • Doing stuff (like smoking or drugs) so that you have at least one thing in common with your partner

  • If you’re a vegan, then don’t eat anything you don’t want to. You will definitely regret it later

  • If you’re religious, never do anything that you believe is considered wrong by your religion. Same reason as above.

There are other things you should never do when working on how to prove you love someone, because even when in love, there are certain things that you hold dear to yourself, that you place above your feelings of love for your partner. And there’s nothing wrong with that, so never feel guilty for not making your partner happy if it means sacrificing things that are the most important to you. If your partner cannot respect your lifestyle choices, then you’re better off without such a narrow minded and disrespectful prick.


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