Romance has a way of disappearing, especially when two people have been together for some years. With the busy and ambitious life that we lead, it is normal that a loving couple slowly drifts apart. It could be the lack of communication, or too many responsibilities, or the inability to spend time together- but sooner or later, all couples need to take care of their relationship at some point of their life. It is essential that you know how to rekindle romance, before things become too difficult between you and your loved one, and before you become two strangers just staying together.

Top 12 Ways to Rekindle Romance

Every relationship is different, but there are some ways that you can try in order to know how to rekindle romance. Here are 12 tips to help you.

Spend Some Time Together

The first and most important tip that anyone can give you to know how to rekindle romance would be to spend some time together in each other's company. In many cases, this is probably the only thing that you need to do to get close to someone you have drifted apart from - spend some quality time together. It could be a long vacation, a weekend away alone, or just a dinner date, but it needs to be just the two of you. You won’t have to throw away a lot of money to spend some quality time together; you won't even have to get out of the house. What you need is to enjoy each other's company - having dinner, watching a movie, cooking or jogging together, or just having a conversation.


Talk to Each Other

This is an even easier tip on learning how to rekindle romance - you need to talk to each other, just the two of you. Not about paying bills, or your kid's report card, or what to cook for dinner. Talk about what's important in your life for once. Talk about whether you love your job or if you are feeling suffocated at work, if you feel like a different person that you were 10 years ago, or about your plans for the next 5 years. Switch off the television and take your eyes off your gadgets; for half an hour to an hour, just talk and listen, without thinking of your emails or your Facebook profile.


Say What's Bothering You

If you think there's a reason for your relationship to suffer, you need to be frank about it if you want to learn how to rekindle romance. If there's something about your partner that you feel is to blame, tell them. It may be because they are working too hard and always obsessing about work, or that they prefer to spend more time with their friends than you, or because they are always on their phone; if you think that these are the reasons for your romance to go into a rut, tell them that. In the same way, if these are your problems that you think is creating problems between you, be honest about them too.


Say What You Want

If you are the one who is looking for ways to rekindle your romance, you need to be vocal about it. Just staying silent until your partner notices something amiss is not going to help your relationship. Instead, you need to tell your partner how you feel, and suggest ways to connect again - a vacation, spending some time alone, going out, or just that you need to have a meaningful conversation.


Do Something Together

It could be something very simple, but it is a good idea for you to take up an activity together, only the two of you. For example - jogging together in the morning, or cooking dinner together twice a week, or going for a drive on the weekends. It will give you something to look forward to all through the week and make you appreciate the time that you spend together.


Keep Saying Those Special Words

Couples get over saying "I love you" or "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me" as they mature in a relationship, but this is not what’s normal. Just these few words are enough to bring a smile to your partner's face, and you should keep on saying them.


Learn to Laugh Together

Apart from everything else that you do together, you need to laugh with each other. Watch a comedy that makes you laugh, or read something funny; laugh at jokes you've heard from friends - whatever form of comedy you choose, try to laugh together.


Take a Positive Attitude

Both you and your partner need a positive outlook to get yourself out of a relationship rut. Thinking you are doomed and heading for a breakup/divorce will only make the matter worse; what you need is to tell yourself - and your partner - that you will be good as new in no time, and that this rut is only temporary.


Dress Up for Once

It is in the early days of a relationship that people used to dress up to look nice for their significant others; as time goes on, most of us become more comfortable in sweat pants and baggy T-shirts, giving no thought to dressing up for our partners. So, dress up a few times; this will make your partner appreciate you making the effort on their sake, and rekindle your romance.


Leave Your Ego at the Door

Most of the problems that couples face are due to ego - the desire to be right all the time rather than to be happy. Ego can be very destructive in a relationship, so let go of your ego when you are communicating with your partner. Talk, but not because you want to be proven right, but because you want to know what your partner is thinking.


"You're on the Same Team!"

Whenever you find yourself drifting away or in a clash, remember that you are not opponents, but members of the same team. As a couple, it is "you versus the whole world". You are supposed to be always cheering your partner, encouraging them - through the good times and the bad. Remember that, and help your partner remember it too, and you will find a better way to communicate with each other.


Get More Physical

Physical intimacy is very important in romance; all the talking and doing something with each other is not going to help if you are not intimate with each other. Start to rekindle your romance by being physically intimate - be more compassionate, cuddle more. A little kiss, a pat, a meaningful hug - these are all important parts of a relationship.


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