It’s pretty common for us girls to put the pressure on men to do all the romancing, the wining and dining, and chivalrous courting. But we shouldn’t be so lazy! Just because guys seem to be tough and generally not very sentimental, doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate romantic gestures from women. There are loads of things you can do to make a man feel special and bring out his emotional side a little bit. Check out our tips on how to romance your man, and he’ll be grateful!

How to Romance a Man

The first thing you must know is that men do not have the same ideas about romance as women do. What they consider romantic is totally different, not just different from women in general, but different from man to man as well. Remember that men like to take charge and be in control. So try to figure out what exactly revs his engine, how to capture his attention, and how to turn him on.

Take Him Away

Make him fall in love with you (again!) by going somewhere far away from everything he’s comfortable with, like his bros and his Xbox. Your man will instantly relax once he’s away from it all and he’ll be at ease and happy with you. He might not even realize he needs a break from it all, so you just have to make it happen.


Just Go for It

When your man is working hard and under a lot of stress, leave him a care package outside his door, or have some of his favorite food delivered. Don’t be a nuisance about it; just do it and go. He’ll be so pleasantly surprised by your romantic gesture of generosity and thoughtfulness, and wonder how he managed to find an amazing girl like you!


Make It a Good Morning

While we trying to differentiate sex from romance here, it’s inevitable to blend them together. Guys love sex. Help him start his day by stripping down naked and waking him up. The morning light and his tired eyes will find your beauty mesmerizing. You’ll probably end up doing the deed anyway, but trust us… this is how to romance a man.


Get Pretty for Him

Get pretty even if for no other reason than to please him. Of course, your guy loves you when you’re au naturale, or when you’re sick in bed, so no worries there. But every once in a while or more often if it suits you, put on a sexy dress and wear some makeup. Making the effort will make you feel great about yourself and will bring out a more passionate and romantic side in him.


Let Him Go

Guys need their guy time, just like we need our girl time. Romance him by encouraging him to go out with his bros, and don’t hassle him with calls and texts. Let him enjoy his time. This is like reverse psychology--he’ll miss you more and he might even come home early!


Leave Him a Little Love Note

Do not ever, under any circumstances, no matter what, ever write him a poem. He will not get it, and he will not show you an equal amount of appreciation that your hard work deserves. But, leave him a little love note somewhere easy for him to find, like on the bathroom mirror, or on his computer screen. Keep it short, sweet, and maybe even a little funny.


Cook for Him

Don’t you know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Slave away in the kitchen all day to make him his favorite meal, set your table for two and light a candle. Be sure not to skip on the dessert. There’s nothing that can match a home cooked meal made with love.


Have a Date Night

How to romance a man? Just have a different date night. It is such a shame how many couples fall into a boring routine with each other. That’s just a one-way street to Splits Ville. Even designated date nights where you go to the same cute café every week will become mundane after a while. Make time for your relationship by doing different things every week. Try new restaurants, check out a new film, or go to see a game together.


Be Adventurous

When was the last time you and your man went on an adventure? When was the last time you slept on the beach or in a tent? Switch it up and do something together that neither of you have ever tried. You don’t need to go far to find exciting new experiences, you just have to be creative.


Show Him Admiration

Your man likes to hear that you think he’s handsome, sexy, smart and funny. Of course you think highly of him, since you’re with him but you have to let him know that! Compliments make everyone feel good, and when it comes from you, it’s a sign of love and adoration.


Give in to Him

Sometimes a little compromise goes a long way. If there is something he really wants to do, but you just dread the very thought of it, like going to the newest sci-fi film, then just appease him by being good company. He’ll appreciate it, and might be more inclined to take you to see the next Kate Hudson rom-com.


Say “I Love You”

These three little words have big meaning, and sometimes we forget to say them, especially if we’ve been in a relationship for a long time. Don’t forget to tell your man how much you love him and why. Reminding him of your love will help him bring out his emotions for you as well.


Spoil Him

Give your guy the royal treatment every now and again. When he’s back from a tough day at work, pour him an ice cold beer and give him a massage. Ask him what you can do to make him feel good. Cast your needs aside for the night and pamper him if he deserves it.


Make Sex Exciting

Like we said earlier, don’t get caught up in a boring routine… especially with sex! Keep the fires blazing by trying new positions, new locations, or even new toys if you guys are a little kinky. Seduce him in the kitchen, do it on the floor and wear sexy lingerie. Don’t be a boring lady and he’ll fantasize about you all day and every day.


Confide in Him

Reminding him that he’s your soulmate and that you trust him with the deepest depths of your soul is how to romance a man. Confide in him your secrets, make yourself vulnerable and open to show him that he’s your true love. There is a lot to be said about being able to divulge your innermost skeletons with someone.


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