Sometimes we get into relationships, assuming the best. And then we’re shocked when things didn’t work as perfectly they did in our heads. Of course, in such a case the best thing to do would be to sit down with your partner and discuss the issues you’re facing, and try to resolve them. However, things aren’t as easy, especially if you have the kinda partner for whom the word ‘adjusting’ doesn’t exist. It’s always “my way or the high way”. So, what do you do?

Sabotage your relationship, of course. But how?

How to Sabotage a Relationship


Speak ill of him

Look. Nothing hurts a man more than his woman going about talking shit about him behind his back. Especially if it’s got to do with your sex lives. It doesn’t matter if the negatives you share about him are true or false – all you need to do is get the word out there. Make sure you share such information with mutual friends you know will go and tell your partner about your bitching.


The silent treatment

Doesn’t matter if he’s not done anything wrong. Just treat him as if he greatly wronged you, and if he asks you what he did, say, “Well, if I have to tell you something as simple as that, then I guess our relationship is already beyond repair.” Guilt him, make him angry and frustrated about how you treat him. He’s bound to reach the end of his patience soon.


No marriage

When it comes to how to sabotage a relationship a committed relationship, the best way to go about is to do a complete 180 and say you’ve changed your mind – you’re not interested in marriage. Give lame ass excuses like how you’ve evolved as a person and how your thinking isn’t the same as before. Put your foot down and tell him you’re not gonna change your mind.


No pets/children

This works especially well if you two had sat down and discussed in the past about having pets and/or children. This change of heart is going to be a massive shock for him, especially if he was the one more eager to have pets and/or children. If he presses you, lie to him and say you’re infertile. Tell him adoption is out of the question too.


Hiding being in touch with an ex

Casually start texting your ex (or a friend who’s pretending to be your ex) and just ‘accidentally’ keep your phone in a convenient place where you’re sure your partner will catch hold of it. Let him read the conversations, and let him imagine the worst coming to fruition. He might even accuse you of cheating, in which case you can:

1. Accuse him of invading your privacy.

2. Ask him why he wants to be in a relationship with a person who he cannot trust.

3. Accuse him that it is exactly this jealous behavior that forced you to hide the relationship from him.


Lessening accountability

Whenever you have arguments, make sure you never back down. That is one of the best ways on how to sabotage a relationship. Make sure you never accept the fault, even when you’re wrong. Blame him for everything that’s going wrong in your life. He will soon realize that he’s living with a ‘victim’ whose only solution to every problem is to blame everybody around her, except herself.

Conversely, you can...


Fight to win

If your goal is to make your partner miserable and want out of your relationship, then what better way to do so than to make every argument between you two like WW3? Start by arguing over unnecessary stuff, and when you see the argument escalating, give it your all – it doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong – your aim is to be aggressive and have the last word in the argument. Everything ends only when you end it.


No sex

Come up with the same lame ass excuses that most women do when they don’t want to have sex – headaches, periods, stomach aches, rough day, etc. He’s sure to get frustrated. And there’s only so much he can satisfy himself with masturbation.


Hide your finances

Trust is an important pillar for any and every relationship. And if you’re looking for ways on how to sabotage a relationship, then look no further than hiding your finances from your partner. Have a secret bank account without him knowing anything about it. And then have one of your friends casually mention it to him in one of their conversations…then simply wait for the bomb to go off when your friend leaves.


Start saying ‘no’ more often

I mean, of course you’re entitled to having an opinion and living your life on your own terms...but to a limit. When you’re in a relationship, trying new things and doing stuff you don’t wanna do, simply comes with the territory.

However, if all you do is going to say ‘no’ just because you can, you can bet your partner’s gonna get irritated with you sooner than you expect. Especially when it comes to stuff involving his friends or family.


An open relationship

Tell him you’re bored of your current relationship, and that you’re looking for some fun. Suggest having an open relationship. To take things further, say that only you are allowed to date people, while he can’t. This will come as a massive shock to a guy who has been in a committed relationship with you for a long time, and had high hopes of settling down with you.


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