The Scorpio woman is born between October 23rd and November 21st. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, this water sign is ambitious, daring, self-assured and strong. Not to mention, Scorpio women are most likely to be financially secure. Scorpio women are ruled also by their curiosity, so keeping her on her toes and satisfying her curiosity is secret on how to seduce a Scorpio woman successfully. It’s not easy to earn the affections of a Scorpio woman, but once she’s fallen in love, she will give her all.

How Could You Seduce Scorpio Women Successfully?


Be Mysterious

The Scorpio woman will lose interest in a man who lays everything out on the table for her. She wants to be fascinated. She wants to be able to piece you together like a difficult puzzle. So when you’re trying to woo the Scorpio woman, you should do your best to maintain an air of mystery about yourself. You’ll have to keep her interested. As much as she likes the challenge, you should never ever… ever be untrue or deceitful. For the Scorpio woman, this is unforgivable.


Be Honest

It’s difficult for most Scorpios to not hold a grudge, so make sure you’re always telling the truth. A Scorpio woman is not the kind of woman who will be played for a fool more than once. Even small lies will be uncovered by their gut instincts, and once you’re found out, you’ve ruined your chance at winning the heart of a Scorpio woman. Since she has profound respect for honesty, this is how to seduce a Scorpio woman.


Show Off

You have to show the Scorpio woman that you’re a go-getter. She is attracted to successful and ambitious men, so the weak nice guy approach isn’t going to work. Flaunt your flashy stuff, or she will eat it up. Scorpio women love a man with goals and passions, and a man who is sure of himself and the path he’s on in his life. Defend yourself and stand by your convictions to prove to her that you’re not the kind of guy who lets a woman push him around.


Make It Challenging

Since Scorpio women have a higher than average sex drive, you’ll have to work hard to please her. However, like I said before, maintain your mystery and don’t give away all your tricks right away. Scorpio women love the chase and love to be teased. If you present yourself as a weak-willed man who gives in to every sexy little thing she does, she’ll probably get turned off quick. Play hard to get, and try to wait until she can’t handle waiting anymore. Make sure that when you finally make love to her, it is well worth her wait.


Don't Try Bossing Her Around

It would be quite dangerous to threaten a Scorpio woman’s sense of personal control. Since these women are rather insecure underneath, it’s important for you to tread them lightly and gently if you want to know how to seduce a Scorpio woman. This means that she likes to have the power and the control in a relationship. Be careful not to boss her around or tell her what to do. And don’t pry too much either! She will disclose information about herself as she feels comfortable and on her own terms.


Build Up the Passion

A woman born under the Scorpio sign is driven by her sexuality. She is usually very in tuned to her sexual power. Coming on too strong to a Scorpio woman could ruin it all for you. She needs space and time for her desires to develop. At her passion’s peak, she needs to feel secure that you won’t run away in fear of her intensity. Devoting yourself to her without being cheesy is the best way to make her know you’re serious and trustworthy. A gradual, natural acceleration towards intimacy will make her swoon.



The inner workings of the Scorpio woman are delicate by nature. She may seem like a tough cookie, but she buries all of her feelings deeply. Take care and respect her feelings, and don’t ever tease her when she’s dealing with something very serious to her (no matter what you think of the situation). The Scorpio woman wants a man who will adapt to her moods and understands how to have her back when the going gets tough.


Make Thoughtful Eye Contact

It’s extremely important to look into her eyes when you’re engaged in conversation or intimacy. The Scorpio woman can tell a lot about a man by just observing his body language and his eyes, the windows of his soul. Avoiding eye contact may lead her to believe that you’re being dishonest. Reach out and hold her hand, or touch her face or her hair, and see how she responds. If she doesn’t pull back then you’re in. Stay close and move in closer--she likes you!


Include Her in Your Future

How to seduce a Scorpio woman? Picture the future to her. To make her feel more secure, discuss your aspirations with her, but also include her in them. If your next big step is buying a house or travelling, use the word “we.” Knowing that you think of her in the long-term sense will allow her to open up to you more comfortably, and eventually fall in love with you. Since she is a natural born leader, let her make decisions about the immediate future, like where you’re going on your next date, and then you can talk about the far off future!


Praise Her Sincerely

In the case of positive affirmation, your Scorpio woman is not so much unlike every other woman of the Zodiac. Women just love to hear that their men think they’re absolutely drop dead gorgeous, brilliant, hilarious, intriguing, among many other declarations. Show her that she is the center of your world, and compliment her endlessly but thoughtfully. She’ll notice if you’re being fake, so don’t go overboard!


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