Sure, when seducing a woman, you should say the right thing at the right time. However, so many men focus on what to say or what not to say that they often forget to focus on what they should do. Sometimes, seducing a woman isn’t about your words – it’s about your actions and how they make her feel. This is why this article will focus on seducing a woman with touch, one of the most underrated forms of seduction. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

How to Seduce a Woman with Touch

Here’s a step by step approach we will share with you which will help you seduce the woman you dream of with ease.

Try the Casual Touch

So you’re talking and you guys are having fun. In fact, you’re having so much fun that both of you are laughing. So the next time you throw your head back and laugh, try and very lightly touch her shoulder with one hand while wiping your tear away with the other. Immediately look away so that she thinks this first touch from your side to be subconscious or genuine instead of being fake or forced.


Sit Smartly

And when I say smartly, I mean in a manner that lets you touch her, not in a creepy ass way. So what’s the easiest way to do that? Well, you sit right next to her. Never make the mistake of sitting opposite to her, because in this way you might get a good look at her face, but seducing her with touches will become that much harder. This is one of the most important pointers to keep in mind when working on how to seduce a woman with touch.


Play With Her Stuff

If you’ve never noticed a woman’s jewellery before, then now’s the time. Earrings, bracelets or rings – they provide a perfect opportunity for you. Lightly touch them and compliment on her choice. Tell her how they suit her attire and how gorgeous she’s looking. She spared no effort to look good for the date, so you better make her feel good!


Get a Shot with Emotional Hand Holding

Be a gentleman and ask her to tell you more about herself. And then be a sly little fox and encourage her to talk about topics she’s passionate or emotional about. She’s sure to get emotional while discussing those topics, which it could be her pet dog who died or starving kids in Africa – doesn’t matter. And when she gets emotional, be there to comfort her.

No, don’t hug her. That’s too soon unless she starts crying. Hold her hand and tell her it’s gonna be okay. She’s gonna remember that one. If she is hesitant to share personal stories, then go ahead and share a story close to your heart. That will make her trust you enough to share one of her stories with you.


Try the Phone number touch

This one is a genius hack for how to seduce a woman with touch. So now your date is about to finish and you’re confident she wants to meet up for a second date. Instead of asking her to give you her number so that you can note it down, give her your phone and ask her to save her number there herself. When you hand over the phone, touch her hands ever so little, and do the same when she returns it to you.


Walk Hand in Hand

So now the date has ended and it’s time to walk her home. Remember to always opt for walking her home, until and unless she lives really far away. This way you not only get to talk to her and know more about her, but you can hold her hands with her permission while doing so.


Hugging Really Matters

Now that you’ve reached her apartment, tell her, "We should do this again" and then lean forward to hug her. And the "hello again” hug. Do hug her when you meet her again for the second date. Duh.


Never Forget the Kiss

And now that she’s responded positively to all your physical moves, it’s obvious she’s comfortable being in close proximity to you. So go ahead, and kiss her. No tongue, please. Be a gentle man. And don’t linger on her lips for too long – you don’t wanna come off as a desperate person. This is a very obvious thing that most men sadly often forget, and thus need to be told when working on how to seduce a woman with touch.


Use Your Arm

I’d suggest not trying this manoeuvre the first time around, but keep it for the second or third date. So when you’re on your next date with her and are sitting beside, not in front of, her, casually slide your arm around her shoulder, resting it on the head of the sofa you guys are sitting on, and let it stay there. She’s sure to notice it and in all probability she’s gonna let it stay there, because if you people are on your 2nd date, then she obviously is attracted to you.


Gently Touch Her Leg

Well, come on. You guys have kissed, you’ve hugged, and you’ve hugged again. She’s obviously into you so why not make a move? But first, create an emotional connection with her and win her trust. Bear in mind that the more she opens up to you, the more she’ll trust you. The more her brain tells her to trust you, the easier it will be to seduce her with your touches. So go ahead, and ever so gently rub your hand on her thigh. But be careful – some women assess this move to be too intimate and it may backfire. So if you’re not confident of her reaction, then keep this aside for the 3rd date.


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