So, you’ve always been the odd person out in your friend circle because you prefer older men. Your first crush was your school’s Math teacher, and even though you thought this was just a phase, you were wrong. As you grew older, your attraction towards older men is intensified, because let’s face it – younger men can be terribly emotional and immature at times. Plus, what’s not to like about older men? They’re strong, successful, emotionally mature and they know exactly what they want. Speaking of which, how can you attract an older man successfully? We have just the tips for you!

How to Seduce an Older Man

There are a lot of differences and similarities when it comes to seducing older men, men of the same age or younger men. Let’s see which can be used to attract an older man specifically.

Choose your battle-field well

The place where you meet a potential suitor is just as important as the dress you’re gonna wear to seduce him.

For example, while a sports bar might be a good place for you to meet a man who’s interested in the same team as you are, your chances dwindle if the bar’s crowded or if his favorite team is playing. On the other hand, art galleries or dinner at private places provides exactly the ambience that you need to boost your chances. Remember distraction = lesser chances of seduction.


Use the power of scent

Our sense of smell is one of the most underappreciated senses that we have. So the next time you’re out looking for an older man, use this sense to your advantage. Did you know that a surprisingly high number of men believe that scent can enhance the attractiveness of a woman? It’s a basic instinct kinda thing, just look at the magic pheromones do in the animal kingdom. Smells like rose, ylang ylang, patchouli and sandalwood are a hit among men, so make sure you use them well.


Flirt with your eyes

Flirting without talking begins with the eyes. When you’re working on techniques about how to seduce an older man, know that your eyes speak a lot more than your tongue does. Let him see you giving him “accidental” sidelong glances, and when he “catches” you looking at him, look flustered, smile and immediately lower your gaze. It’ll make him think that you are looking/admiring him behind his back, which is gonna boost his ego and makes him believe that you’re genuinely interested in him.


Be confident

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. This might sound like a cliché, but science backs it up. You know what older men like? Women who know what they want and get what they want. Do you know what older men definitely don’t like? 15 year olds in the bodies of 25 year olds. You’re a woman, so act like one and show him you’re an opportunity that he should not miss! But be aware: if you overdo it, you might be perceived as arrogant.


Keep posture in mind

Posture is a big part of confidence. Walk with your shoulders back, “exposing” your chest. When you sit, maintain a straight spine. These and other pointers regarding your posture should always be kept in mind when seducing an older man.


Give yourself a makeover

Because why not? Get that hair color you always want to have, go join the gym, or buy that ridiculously expensive dress that you’ve been eyeing. Never underestimate the power of little things that can give you an almost instant makeover. Because if you’re feeling good on the inside, it reflects on the outside.


Use tricks smartly

Playing hard to get? Think again. A lot of older men do not have the time or energy to put up with little mind games, not to mention the efficacy of the hard to get method is dubious at best. So what can you do instead when working on how to seduce an older man? Simple. Anticipate and make him wait for some time.

For example, if he’s planning to kiss you and you can sense it, make him wait after finishing a meal or something. If he wants to have sex with you and you’re looking for something long term, make him wait after weeks or months of dating! Delaying the gratification makes you more desirable. But don’t overdo it and make him feel like you never give him what he wants.



NEVER underestimate the seductive magic that erotic dancing can provide. It will turn your man on in the quickest possible way with as little effort as possible from your side. Obviously, this little trick works only if you’re a good dancer. If you aren’t, how about joining a class and showing off your moves to the next man you’ll be interested in?


Show a little, but hide more

Yes sure, you can dress like a prostitute but then that’s exactly how he’s gonna treat you like. The way you dress speaks a LOT about you and your personality, and in no way should you let that ruin his impression of you. Not to mention, the proper dresses can drive a man crazy! Find the correct balance between being elegant and showing off some skin. So here, you can wear a dress that hugs your curves gorgeously and gives off just a hint of a full bosom, as opposed to a plunging neckline that leaves nothing to be desired.


Touch him “accidentally”

This one is a classic psychological hack to make someone like you and a great solution to how to seduce an older man. Touch him deliberately, but make it look unintentional. This sends signals to him that you like him and are attracted to him.

For instance, when you’re reaching for your glass, accidentally brush your arms against his and then reach out for your glass. Follow the touch with a smile and an interesting remark about something or a compliment. Being playful is the key here.


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