In the world of DMs and emojis, how hard could it possibly be to express your emotions? Turns out, very. Let's first talk about the most important rule of showing affection -- actions speak louder than words. We’ve all heard this adage, right? Well, it holds true for a lot of things today, including when showering your affection on someone close to you. The thing is that words can only do so much in any relationship. You will get a lot more love and appreciation from people in your life by simply doing what you say or mean. Especially if you did it unasked.

How to Show Affection

Here are different ways in which people of different age groups can work on showing affection to the loved ones in their lives, like friends, family, spouse, partner, etc.

Saying you’re sorry after an argument is one thing, but going out of your way and giving your partner a surprise by cooking her favorite meal for her is a gesture on another level.


If they post on Facebook that they or their child is sick, then head on over to their home. You can buy some food on the way or help them cook dinner at their place – totally up to you.


If your friend is into reading books, then buy them your favorite book. Inside, scribble a sweet note thanking them for being there for you or apologising for a mistake you made.


Make a photo montage of all the happy memories you’ve spent together. There are many apps and tools that can do this instantly for you for free, so you’ll save a lot of time and money as well.


Offer to babysit your friend’s children or annoying little brother whenever she is in need of a sitter. I’m not saying you should do this as a habit or something, but a gesture like this once every few months is something she will highly appreciate.


No time for coffee? No problem. Send them a Starbucks card instead.


If you’re both busy individuals, how about you two make time this Sunday and meet up over a cup of coffee? Sit down, drink coffee and just chat about random things. Nothing strengthens the bonds between two friends better than chattering about crap stuff with each other! Plus, this is a good way on how to show affection because it tells your friend you will take time out of your busy schedule to just meet them and talk to them.


Declare your love on social media. Share a nice or thoughtful photo/message on Facebook and tell the world how much your partner means to you. Remember – saying you love him is one thing, but showing your love for him to the world is something completely different. It’s sure to bowl him over, especially if you’re not the type of person to declare your love on social media.


For friends, make sure you always like their statuses and comment something sweet whenever a photo of yours is posted on your buddy’s profile. Acknowledgement is important.


Send random texts. Like, "Hey, I just saw this hilarious video on YouTube and it reminded me of that crazy afternoon we had at Taco Bell. Wasn’t it fun?" Remind them of the happy times you spent together.


DIY! If you’re into arts and crafts, then how about showing your love to them by making them something you’re good at? It could be something as simple as a card or something as complicated as a wooden toolbox. Totally your call.


How to show affection? Apologize when you’re wrong. Your ego shouldn’t be bigger than your relationship, dude.


Celebrate their accomplishments. This is more important if you want to show your affection to your parents or grandparents. Celebrate even the smallest accomplishments in their lives. Send them a card or bake them a cake! Because if you’re not going to do them, who will?


If your friend starts a new job, then how about surprising them by sending over a pretty bouquet of flowers at their work place? Not only will it make them feel loved, but also instantly make them the centre of attraction in the office.


Try something new. This works better with those in long-term relationships that are stuck in a rut. Go to that new Indian restaurant in town, or head on over to that weekend B&B that you’ve heard so much about. Whatever it is, get out of your comfort zone and surprise your partner with an activity he would never expect from you.


Make extra. For example, if you’re baking a delicious cake at home for no reason, how about putting in a little more of the ingredients and baking an extra cake? When you’re done with it, head on over to your friend’s house and then both of you can dig in the two cakes together.


Remember their birthdays. Duh.


Listen to them when they want to speak to you. And when I mean speak, I mean speak literally. No texting, DMs or emails. Pick up the phone, call your friend and let them vent their problems to you. Or have a face to face conversation with your friends or partner to help them clear their minds; this is one of the most important ways on how to show affection to those you love.


Respect and take good care of your partner's partners.


Remember small details. Like how he once casually told you he’d die to get a ticket to the concert of his favorite band. You don’t even have to buy the tickets, but the fact you remember such a small detail that he mentioned off hand would mean a lot to him.


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