When you’ve been in a relationship for a long while, you get comfortable with each other. But on the flipside, you do start taking things for granted and feel that making an effort to look good or grand gestures are either meant for special occasions or simply for those new in love. You’re wrong either way.

So, how to show someone you care? Well, you can do it in a number of ways, depending on you and your partner’s natures. Here’s a list of gestures, from small to grand, which are going to show them that you truly care for them.

9 Quick Tips That Indeed Help


Get to know their friends and family

Now until and unless they’ve done something to deliberately piss off or hurt you, you have no reason whatsoever to keep them out of your life. IF they’re important to your partner, they should be important to you. And even if they aren’t important to you, that should not stop you from making an effort into getting to know them.

Don’t want to know them? Then don’t pretend you’re happy in their company. Why? Because that will make your partner happy. Until and unless you’re the kinda douchebag who’ll put his own emotions and feelings over his partner’s.


Actions speak louder than words

We often say a lot of things that we intend to do, but never got around doing it because life happened. Well, guess what? It greatly reduces your credibility in the eyes of your partner. I mean, would you trust someone who always promises to accomplish tasks, but never does? So the next time, if you promise to take out the trash on every Tuesday and Thursday, then bloody take out the trash. It might be a small task for you, but it would mean a lot to your partner.


Compliment them

How to show someone you care? Simple – compliment them every once in a while about their efforts, their talent, their work, their appearance, etc. The thing is – we often forget the importance that words carry. We also tend to take our partners for granted in longer relationships. Don’t go there. Don’t be that person who always expects their partner to do something, without praising them for their hard work.


Space is important

A lot of people, especially younger couples, lack the concept of ‘space’ in a relationship They are stuck at each other’s hip 24x7 and it’s no wonder such relationships fail even before they begin. The thing is, every human needs space in order to devote time to themselves. And if they don’t, they either suffer from severe mental issues, have crippling self esteem issues, or are simply too cowardly to be single (because what would people say?). Anyway, space is necessary. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you’ll stop your partner from living their own life.


The cute texts

I don’t mean the cheesy type, you know. Just randomly message them something cute like

“Was thinking of you. Hope you’re having a good day.”
“Looking at this picture reminded me of our vacation in Hawaii. Let’s do it together soon!”

The thing is, it’s not so much as the content of the text, as it’s the fact that you sent a text, which works when it comes to how to show someone you care. Why? Because it shows them that at that precise moment, during your very busy schedule, they popped up in your mind!


Pick your battles wisely

Arguments are inevitable. However, what you can control is to choose which arguments to enter, and which ones to give up on. Not every argument is worth engaging in, especially if it threatens the well being of your relationship. Nip an argument in the bud by saying generic statements like
“Okay, I see where that’s coming from.” OR
“Hmmm, I didn’t think from that perspective.”

You don’t have to mean them – you just have to say them to simply avoid arguments.



Haven’t you noticed how once, you used to be the first person they’d share their happiness or troubles with? And how, gradually, you don’t even know what’s going on in their lives? That’s because you forgot how to listen.

The #1 way when working towards how to show someone you care is to actually listen when they speak to you. Sometimes, people just want to vent and not having to listen to lecture on what they could or should have done instead. So listen, sympathize, and encourage your partner. It’s all that they really want from you.


Step out of your comfort zone

Being stubborn (or too comfortable) in a relationship never helps. You’ll either end up with a partner who resents how inflexible you are, or you will be stuck in a rut in a relationship Date nights are fine, but you can keep on doing the same thing day in and day out for years to come. So if your partner has been insisting on a group activity, or something that puts you out of your comfort zone, try it. What’s the worse that will happen? You won’t like it. But at least they will know you made an effort for them, which is ultimately what matters.


Gift them little gifts

Sometimes, complimenting people is not enough, especially when they’ve accomplished a huge task, like doing the spring cleaning all on their own. In such instances, gifts speak more. It doesn’t have to be fancy – could easily be a bouquet of flowers, a plant that commemorates a special occasion or even a tool box that can come handy in the future.


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