Displaying a mutual affection may be quite a daunting task for you both, especially when your temperaments and perceptions of love clash. Still, if you’re not greedy and happily flaunt your infatuation with the man you love, this can pave the way to a lasting and satisfying relationship. Here’s our guide to the ultimate signs of love that could make him melt.

How to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him with Actions

Everyone can say “I Love You”, but when it comes to proving that your words are more than the world’s most worn-out catch phrase, you may need some help. So here are seven ways of proving you actually mean it without even speaking it out.

Be a Listener

If you have ever wondered why there are so many chauvinistic jokes about women’s super power to talk endlessly, well, there may be a grain of truth in them. To prove you care more about what he has got to say, bite your tongue and become all ears when he shares his ups and downs. And don’t just listen – be responsive and helpful.


Fight for Him

Being in a relationship is not always a bed of roses, and when there’s lingering love, it’s twice as hard to keep this fragile thing from breaking. When you feel your love boat starts to rock, don’t just put your head in the sand and leave it to the whims of fate. Don’t give up too easily, and your efforts will be appreciated.


Tickle His Ego

Every boy’s ego is enormous, and it takes a bit of precautions to keep it that inflated. This is what makes them feel like ‘real’ men who are capable of earning their lady’s highest approval. So if you want to know how to show your boyfriend you love him, use every chance to praise and encourage him without sounding hollow. Another way to do this is to compliment him indirectly, for example when talking to your friends or family (make sure he’s around).


Give Him Space

For some guys, having a girlfriend that can be a sister, a lover, a friend and a muse is a dream to die for. Still, however cool you are, you are not the center of the universe, and you just have to admit there are more people in his life. So by giving him space and time to enjoy with his circle of family and friends means you are confident enough about the strength and importance of your feelings.


Give Him Keepsakes

You both build the story of your happy life together, so why not leave something to remind you of this story? If you take this initiative, be creative and sincere. Everything that’s made with your hands and heart is sure to impress him in the nicest way possible. What can it be? Anything, really – from a warm poem to little trinkets like wristbands or pendants. It’s cute, it’s memorable, and it’s touching.


Make Little Sacrifices Every Now and Then

You both know you mean him good, but it’s easier said than done. To prove that his life is as important to you as yours (or, in some cases even more important), don’t stand your ground stubbornly if it only makes it worse. Head towards a calm sea, not another storm and make little sacrifices to take his side even if you disagree. This will convince him that you are the right candidate to become the partner of his life, and there is no stronger evidence of your life than keeping his peace of mind.


Make Him Part of Your Life, to the Full

If you want to learn how to show your boyfriend you love him, this is perhaps one of the surest ways to do this. It’s as simple as that – make him part of your life with no compromises. Let him in, share everything you have got and he’s bound to return you this favor. What would you get as a result? Deep, heart-felt emotion that is reciprocated, and this is by far the goal of every serious love affair.

How to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him with Messages

Now this is something to treat him with and spice up your everyday communication. Below is the list of romantic and touching messages that can prove to him that he’s in your thoughts all the time and you enjoy it.

Tell Him About His Place in Your Life

Try something along the lines when messaging him next time:

“You’re my heart-stopper”

“Everything reminds me of you”

“I keep looking through our pictures together. My friends say I’m addicted”

“The first thing I want to see in the morning is your smile”

“No day is the same without your smile”


Bring in Some Clever Citations

This can make your communication even more intellectually stimulating and diverse. Bring in some relevant lines from your favorite poems:

“May I touch said he, How much said she, A lot said he, Why not said she” (E.E.Cummings),

Or songs:

“You’ll be a lover in my bed and a gun to my head” (Billie Corgan)


Compliment His Appearance

It doesn’t matter if he has been reluctant to hear this before. Deep in their hearts, they are all narcissists. Try not to over-think it by sending something like “Your armpits are like chalices,” though it makes a nice literary reference. Instead, try

“I’ve never seen anyone with such bright eyes before”

“Would you put your strong arms around me tonight?”

“You make me forget my favorite rock stars and actors”

“You could make it to a magazine cover, cutie”

“I’m aroused just thinking about you”

If you wonder how to show your boyfriend you love him, you can even go as far as to compliment his organ in some private messages, but please don’t send pics if you’re not sure whether he’s alone to enjoy them, or there may be some other unexpected viewers.


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