Sometimes it’s not enough that you love your girlfriend; you have to show it. When you are already in a relationship for some time, chances are you begin to take her for granted. And when that happens, love seems to wane away. To bring back that spark in your relationship, you sometimes need to show you love her.

Top 8 Ways to Show Your Girlfriend You Love Her

And as hard as it may seem to show your girlfriend you love her, understanding how to so that is actually fairly simple. You just have to follow these tips:

Cook for Her

It’s no secret girls love men who can cook and enjoy doing so. So why don’t you try your hand making something nice for her? Relax, even if you don’t know your veggies and spices, there are tons of videos on the web that’ll make you an expert in no time. Nothing exotic, even a simple dish will be appreciated by her.


A Love Letter

Go old school and write her a love letter like your parents and their generation used to. When it comes to expressing your love through words, nothing comes closer to the good old paper and pen. Write short quotes, remind her of your early days together or even write her a poem. Use a scented paper - as childlike as it sounds, she will really cherish it and keep it for a long time.


Listen More Than Talk

Girls are chattier and guys really need to accept it. A golden rule in a relationship is that you talk less and listen more. And this is one of the best ways for you to show how much she means to you. Just listen to her, be patient and speak when it’s needed. She’ll probably not acknowledge it, but will appreciate she can always vent out, discuss things or take your advice.


Say It Many Times

How to show your girlfriend you love her? Simple, say it. And say it many times. And mean it sincerely. Look in her eyes, get her attention, and say “I Love You” even if you’ve said it millions of times before. It’ll mean a lot to her. And of course, show it in your relationship too.


Compliment Her

Complimenting means appreciating her looks, her talents, her way of dressing, her smartness at work and her character traits. Things that she is proud of. Admiring her for all these would tell her it’s not just her physical appearance that attracts you.


Shower Her With Gifts

Girls love surprise gifts! Don’t wait for a special occasion and certainly don’t wait till you have a lot of cash to buy her something premium. Simple surprises like flowers (hot tip: add a romantic note on it), chocolates or something she can utilize at home will make her happy and will show your love.


Recreate Your First Date

Bet you never thought of this. To bring back those cherished memories, recreate the first time she went out with you. Choose the same place, pick her from her home in the same way and mutter those same words you did again to recreate the magic of that memorable day. Don’t be surprised to see a big smile on her face all day long.


Respect Her

We’ve saved the most important for the last. This may not be very romantic, but if you want to know how to show your girlfriend you love her, simply respect her. Eventually, it’s respect you show her (and others) that will make or break your relationship with her in the long term. Respecting her decisions, her goals in life and her independence will go a long way in ensuring that love is well and alive between you.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

In IM chats, phone messages or on cards (our favorite), there are many ways to tell her how much you love her. What’s more important is to make them unique to her. Convey through your words that they are meant only for her and your expression of love for her is sincere.

Short love texts you could send her on phone

  • “If you asked me to show you just how much I love you, I would run out of space!”

    Perfect for a text message. You love her more than you could ever describe or show it, so just send her this and make her blush.

  • “Life without you would be like a pizza without cheese. I love you.”

    This love message will be even more apt if you both love pizza (and who doesn’t!) with loads of cheese on it.

  • “You are my sunshine. I love you.”

    An ideal Good Morning greeting. As the sun shines on the horizon, tell her she means nothing less than the sun’s first rays to you.


Longer messages best used in an IM chat or on a greeting card

  • “The best girlfriend in the world deserves nothing less than the best boyfriend in the world. How cute, we are made for each other! I love you!”

    Self-praising a bit? Yup, but guaranteed to get a laugh out of her.

  • “I got an x ray today they found you in my heart. The doctor said if they took you out I would die because I could not live without you!”

    Slightly cheesy but will work. Even better if you can put an image of an x-ray with a pic of her in it. C’mon fire up your photoshop!


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