Time passes by when we’re in the company of people we love, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, when you’re alone, it becomes difficult to while away your time, especially if you’re not the type of person who is creative about spending your time alone. Some of us actively dread of having to spend time alone simply because we’ve become that accustomed to the presence of company. However, every single person on this planet needs some “me” time, and this includes you. So without further ado, here’s our list of 21 ideas on how to have fun by yourself.

How to Spend Time Alone


Give your bedroom a mini makeover: And the best place for you to start for budget friendly DIYs is to head on over to Pinterest where you can get plenty smart ideas about decorating bedrooms.


Make an actual photo book: Here, you can add photos of the most special and dearest moments of your life. Sure, everybody has an album online, but how many of us have one offline?


Have a slumber party for 1: Wondering how to spend time alone? Simple. Make some popcorn, pull your curtains, get comfy in your bed and have a movie marathon! Alternatively, you can pamper yourself by applying some new nail polish and a face mask to lift your face. You know, like a spa day for yourself!


Discover your city: Find out the cheapest food stalls/locations in your areas, cheap book stores, antique stores or NGOs to volunteer at. No matter how long you’ve lived in a city, you can never completely know it till you spend time discovering all its hidden secrets.


Immerse yourself in culture: Take a tour of the museum (if you have one in your city). Otherwise, read about the culture of your city, state or country online.


Watch horror movies: They scare you, so you’ve always avoided watching them. But guess what? You’re home alone and there’s nobody around to judge you or laugh at you when you jump under your blanket when a monster comes on the screen.


Netflix: Too lazy to get out of your bed? No worries. Google some of the best TV series of 2015/2016, and binge watch them on Netflix. This is one of the best ways on how to spend time alone. Plus, you can do it free of cost!


Challenge yourself: Sudoku, crossword puzzles and even Rubik’s cubes are a great way to while away your time, while mentally stimulating yourself.


Karaoke: This is for those feeling a little adventurous. Go to your nearest karaoke hangout spots/bars/lounges whatever, and sing to your heart’s content. Conquer your fears and be bold!


Complete chores you’ve been putting off: These can be as simple as cleaning your dishes, updating your resume, or calling that one friend you’ve been meaning to call for the last 4 months, but haven’t had the "time" to make the phone call.


Write someone a letter: Really, who writers letters these days? Nobody. In the age of SnapChat and WhatsApp, people have forgotten about the art of letter writing. But, it’s a great way to make someone feel special! This is a truly unique way on how to spend time alone without having to do much.


Read a new book: Or maybe an old one you’ve been putting off for forever. Either way, reading is an excellent activity that almost never goes to waste.


Go to a free concert: Just Google who’s playing nearby, and head on over to their concert. Who knows, you’ll discover a new taste in music, or even make a friend at the concert.


Give yourself a mani and pedi: And no, they don’t have to be the expensive ones. Again, head on over to Pinterest to find out how you can DIY your manicures and pedicures. After all, your hands and legs also deserve a day of pampering.


Create different playlists: A productive way on how to spend time alone is by creating playlists. Depending on your taste or mood, you can make them like – Happy, Sad, Dance, Pop, EDM, Rock, etc. Either way, making a playlist now saves you the time and effort of having to skip through dozens of songs to listen to those 5 or 6 perfect songs that match your mood.


Cook a new dish: So what if you’re a bad cook? Get out of your house, buy some new ingredients and whip up a dish that is very different from what you generally make for yourself. Let cookbooks or YouTube videos help you through the process.


Try a new workout: Why not? What have you got to lose, except that extra cellulite you have always wanted to get rid of? Now here, a new workout can be anything, right from Zumba, aerobics to pilates and even Yoga. Pick what suits you best.


Take self-defence classes: Who says being alone has to be boring? Plus, self-defence classes are always money well-spent. But if you think that’s a little too much money, then head on over to YouTube for several free videos on various types of self-defence and martial art classes.


Stargaze is one of the best answers to how to spend time alone: Granted, this can only be done at night. But do you even remember the last time you took out time to enjoy nature and its beauty?


TED talks: These are excellent talks that are available on their website as well as on YouTube. Take a pick from an astounding variety of topics – feminism, self-help, education, tutoring, climate change, or political discussions – TED has it all.


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