You could have been in a relationship for so long that it starts to just feel like another daily routine, maybe you need to spice it up. You could need a hand in boosting that stale sex life. Simple mixing up is often all you need to reignite the passion for each other. Being conservatives isn’t going to help, its time to shake things up with sexy methods to get you both going. Steal any of the ideas we have below. How to spice up your sex life? We might just have the answer for you.

How to Spice up Your Sex Life: 10 Methods to Give You Ultimate Sex Experience


Shower Together

This is not about saving water, there is something kinky about feeling up each other’s slippery and wet body. If you are the kind that worry of those lingering sex smells, this is the way to solve that. If you are feeling particularly frisky, you can always do it in the shower or carry her straight to the bed afterwards.


Talk Dirty

Everyone is a little naughty inside. Get your partner turned on with some dirty talk. Breathy, come-hither, sexy voice. Whisper close to her ear and describe what you are going to do to her the whole night. Get cheesy with the voice if you will, as long as you get the message across. Embarrassment and all the giggles aside, you are going to get your partner up in no time at all.


Try New Positions

The fantasy that is easily fulfilled, trying out new positions. Skips everything we mention above. They are probably too costly, messy and elaborate anyway. Positions variety are plenty, which it could be sold in books with different instructions on executing them. A simple reverse cowgirl could often enhance the sex life. But if you do must try down the list of positions, do stretch yourself first. Some do requires flexibility to achieve. Just do the ones you can manage! There is no need to hurt yourself over it. But the experience of falling off the bed while trying to twist yourself like a pretzel? That laugh and fun of sexual discovery might be what you need to spice up your sex life.


Sex Travels

Getting tired of your bedroom? Plan a sex trip for a hot sexual adventure. Camp somewhere over the spring break and get busy in a tent. Find an empty stairwell and get down and dirty. Drive up to somewhere isolated and do it in your car! Just be careful with public spaces, prying eyes are everywhere.


Stock Up on Sexy Lingerie

Clothing is an adventure on its own. Especially for sexy lingerie, it’s not just a thing you glance at for a second before taking it off for the intercourse. In fact, some men prefer their women in lingerie rather than stark naked.

The impact leaves lies from the surprise factor. The instant wow you leave your partner as he saw you in one. Better consider buying new one from time to time or even start stocking them up. The same lingerie worn will become less effective as the mystery factor diminish.

Vary them up with a myriad of colors and materials. Laces, garter belts, leathers. Switch them up to keep it fresh. Don’t forget to change up your hairstyles and get your makeup on point.

For the guys, sexy clothes is a game changer. It’s not just for the ladies anymore. Men’s lingerie is pretty huge these days. Get your partner to know her preference. Or just stick with a leather thong. Ask each other what turn-on you both on the most.


Sex Toys

It’s a whole new world with sex toys. It’s not just for women, men can enjoy them too.The new dimensions it brings would create new experiences for better sexual pleasure. Experiments with different toys for a new sensation you can’t get with mere intercourse. Sex toys do have the stigma for the lonely or problematic, but that is just far from the truth. Everyone should have more interest in sex toys as ways to enhance your sex. Start small with a bullet toy during an intercourse. Maybe even have your partner pleasure herself with a vibrator as you exchange each other's the look of pleasure.


Role Play

A survey was done on the Brits about how role play affects their sex life. The results? The majority agreed that role play does boost their sex life! Let your imagination go wild in the bedroom for a sexy factor. On the survey done, the most popular form of role play is uniform dress up. Dress as the mailman one day and you might get your partner feeling naughtier. Play around with your sexual fantasies and do it in real life. Sex in the office is exciting, so get your partner dressed up in a sexy secretary outfit, tight stockings, skirts and all, and you in your white collar shirt, then do the dirty in your home office. You get the idea.


Mutual Masturbation

Something most couple would miss out once they are in a relatively long-term relationship. All sex doesn’t have to end with intercourse. You could still have a passionate steamy time together. Get on to a bed, turn on a porn video or read an erotic story together. Your hands should be all over your partner, pleasuring each other until your both reach orgasms. Skip the porn and book altogether and focus on each other!


Light Bondage

For some people who have the question of how to spice up your sex life, the true answer would be "BDSM". With the popularity of “50 Shades of Grey”, this is now a mandatory topic. BDSM And bondage are not for everyone. Not into those domination or submission business? Then there is always a light bondage. Get a scarf or a tie, then tie your partner’s arm and legs together, maybe to the bedpost. Have your way with them as you will. Want to get kinkier? Blindfolding increase that feeling of domination and the anticipation as you completely pleasure them.


Sex Clubs and Swinging

If you live in the UK, good news to you, you can now live the fantasy of having sex while getting watched by other people. Sex clubs that provide this service are available across the country, for the people who are willing to look the new king of excitement. Are you the type that loves to watch or the type that enjoys being watched? There aren't many restrictions on these clubs, although they are only open for members with several strict house rules to follow. After all, exclusiveness is part of the whole erotic business.

Couples often just watch and not participate for obvious reasons. As fun and safe as it is, be sure that both of you are totally comfortable with the arrangement. There is nothing that kills the mood faster than having one of you feeling pressurized to do something they are fully against.


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