Generally speaking, it is much easier to spot a gay man than it is to spot a lesbian, because it is easier for women to conceal their sexual orientations than it is for men. Some even go as far as suggesting that there may be no lesbians (don't let anyone deceive you).

LGBT people, just like straight people come in different types and sizes. The easiest way to ascertain the sexuality of anyone you meet is by asking, but that, also can be a little bit intimidating. This article is aimed at helping you know how to spot a lesbian and the sexuality of anyone you meet without embarrassing the person. You can also learn a little bit of the lesbian lifestyle and culture in the long run.

How to Spot a Lesbian: 6 Methods to Help You Spot a Lesbian



We are all entitled to wear whatever hairstyle we deem fit, but some hairstyles are purely for lesbians and can hardly be mistaken.

The first point to note is that no straight woman will wear a Mohawk or faux hawk. So whenever you see any woman wearing this haircut, it is a clear indication that she is definitely a lesbian. The second clear point is that every short hair is quite suspicious, though not a clear indication that one is gay, so judge cautiously. The third point to note is that if she is not a model in one futuristic-themed event fashion show, or acting as a character in an animated film, or into some Cosplay, wearing too much hair gel shows she may not be a straight girl.

Any girl you see wearing a barber's cut or military cut with lots of hair gel in it is usually 80% lesbian, except the ones that have been enlisted in the armed forces. The fourth point to note is that Messy bob and bieber-ish cuts accentuated with a Nirvanna smiley shirt, Vans, hoodie, DC and penny boards is a way of saying I'm not ashamed of being a lesbian.

And lastly, wearing an I don't give a fuck anymore or an asymmetrical cut and a shaved hair can also help identify a lexbo. However, some possible exceptions include that she recently broke up with her boyfriend, she is going through life crisis, she takes a lot of pills and drugs or is part of then Britney fans club. Else, she might be a lesbian.

Nota bene: Not all lesbians carry this type of hairdo but most often, women who carry it are lesbians.



Just like hair, clothes won't help you understand if a woman is fighting for the same team. However, there are some exceptions to this:

Once you sight a woman wearing a hat or T-shirt that reads, Vegetarian, or I'm a lesbian, the normal thing to assume is that she is deep into women.

Any woman you see adorning a tans right or gay t-shirt, a pink or rainbow triangle pin, or some marriage equality sticker, she is either trying to be identified as an ally or LGBT. It is still not easy to know her sexuality except she tells you, but you don't have to feel unsafe about opening yourself to him.


Short Fingernails

This is quite self-explanatory! Having sex with a woman that maintains a long and sharp fingernails is most unlikely. So if you do not derive any pleasure from pain, search for lesbians with sharp and trimmed nails. If the particular lady you are interested in has some half-inch long nails, it is obvious she is not a lesbian.

Nota bene: If she has long nails and appears to be a gay, take a look at her middle or index finger. These two fingers are the working fingers. Once you trim these two fingers, there are chances that she could be gay. Nail extensions and all artificial nails are not options here. Once you see this, it simply shows that she is more straight than a ruler.



If she is in the habit of spreading her legs more than she should while in a sitting position, like she has a willy in between her legs or walks like a guy, she is probably a lesbian. If she is in the habit of walking while slouching her shoulders like she is trying to hide her bosom, with her legs widely spread and in a somewhat sluggish bouncing pace like she has inbuilt air pumps in them, it is another sign that she might be lesbo.

Does she practice the flirtatious dyke smile most often, it is a sign of her sexual preference. Doing the dyke smile is easy; simply use the fusion of a lingering eye contact, bent head and controlled smile. You don't still get it right? Don't worry, when you see it, you will know it. Also, is she always staring lingeringly for an unusually long time?

If your answers are all yesses, then it is accurate to assume she is a lesbian. Liking her lips during conversation, touching herself, sitting a bit too close, touching her nose often, etc., are some other signs that she is lesbo.


Small Signs

For the question of how to spot a lesbian, always pay attention to those seemingly insignificant signs. Take note of how the others flirt with you, hit on you, or pass the message that they would want to date you, and watch if any of your close friends does any of these things to women. Some potential signs that they feel attraction for only women are:

  • Making use of seemingly solicitous body languages with fellow women such as touching, staying close, and checking out other women

  • Preferring contact with homosocial

  • Making comments and jokes about dating or feeling attraction for fellow women

  • Never talking of feeling any attraction for a man


Asking Her

Let us now move to the more important part: like we know, the way to really understand a lady's sexual preferences is by popping the question. This is one very intimidating task, mostly if you think the lady is cute and lose your composure around her. Below are some effective tips to help you begin and sustain a conversation without sounding rude or invading her privacy. The main key here is to create an enabling environment that makes people feel safe whenever they are with you to enable them talk about their private lives easily.

  • Take note of her pronouns. When talking about an ex or present partner, does she say her ex-boyfriend or simply her ex?

  • Take note of your pronouns. If you are gay, bi, or pan, and feel comfortable coming to this girl, always talk about your ex-girlfriend or the girl I once went out with, and see how she relates. When asking her about her love life, don't ask her if she has a boyfriend. Rather, say something like, are you presently seeing someone? Do this with everyone you have around you. It will amaze you to discover the number of people that would appreciate you didn't tag them gays.


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