It’s difficult, isn’t it? Arguing with your boyfriend. You want to show him that you’re right, and you’re so frustrated at how he still doesn’t understand you. He, on the other hand, argues that he’s the one who is right and you are the one who is wrong. It’s like an endless cycle that has finally got to you, so what can you do about this?

How to Stop Arguing with Boyfriend

Here’s a look at some tips that will help you with future arguments with your partner, and might just save your relationship.

Recall the happy memories

When you feel that you guys spend a lot of time fighting a terrible argument that has no solution, simply retreat to a corner of your room, open your laptop, and browse through the hundreds of photos you have with your boyfriend.

Remember all those happy times with him and remember why you love him and why you’re with him. Play some soft music in the background and if you have the energy, peruse through old comments that were made by you or your bf on social media. They’re sure to hit you with a solid feel of nostalgia and remind you why you’re with him in the first place. Then arguments will be melted into sweetness immediately.


It's time to introspect

Maybe it’s not really him, it’s you. For example, if he objects you to wearing low cut tops or skirts that are too short, it’s possible he’s not doing so because he’s a sexist prick. Maybe he’s asking you to dress more decently because he fears what others will think about you. Sure, you have the right to wear what you want and you shouldn’t care about what people think. But he is the man you love and can you really be that selfish to ignore his feelings completely? Open communication and mutual compromise are the best ways to solve this situation.


Calm down no matter what

How to stop arguing with boyfriend? Well, this can only be achieved by staying sane. What exactly do you want to achieve by crying, shouting, arguing and even name calling? If you have a valid point, put it forward. If you don’t, then keep quiet. Aggravating him will only push him further to become more aggressive in his responses. So keep this as an unwritten rule of arguing, and make sure your partner follows it too.


Imagine a life without him

This is one of the easiest ways to stop an argument. But in order to do so, you first need to be in a calm mood because if you’re angry, you’ll fool yourself into believing that you’re better off without him.

So now that you’re calm, how does it feel to no longer wake up to his face in the morning, to never see him laugh or smile, to never feel his lips on yours, to never have someone to share you secrets with, and to not have him hold your hands and whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Who will put up with your silly little rules and regulations? Who will love you as much as he did? Think, think and think.


Make a list

Do this when you’re calm. Make a list of all the things you like and dislike about him. Weigh the pros and cons. This is the most efficient way for you to understand why you should immediately stop arguing with your guy, as well as to work on how to stop arguing with boyfriend. Then go ahead and put that list up on say, your mirror, so that you can remind yourself every day how lucky you are to have him.


Spend some time apart

If even after the above measures, you still believe that you’re better off without him. Then go ahead and spend maybe a week without him. I mean, there really is no point in being in a relationship if all you do is fight and argue with each other half of the time. And please do spend this time thinking and introspecting, not wasting it by partying with strangers.

So go ahead and live the life of a single woman for a week, and then determine whether it’s something you really want or whether you want to mend your ways with your bf.


Let go of your ego

This is literally the #1 way on how to stop arguing with boyfriend. Your bf and your relationship with him are above your ego. Get that in your head. And if they aren’t, then your arguments are NEVER going to end. So decide, which do you love more – him or your ego? If you choose your ego, then it is best that you break up with him now than to carry forward a relationship in which you’ll always choose yourself over him.


More ways to try

  • Listen to what he has to say, instead of only focusing on what you want to say;

  • Don't take anything personal. In an argument, things may get out of control and some really hurting words usually are from the anger not the heart.

  • Forgiveness is priceless. No matter what you are arguing about, always forgive him and yourself in the end.

  • Figure out why you two are arguing. Sometimes the causes are superficial, but other times it can be deep-rooted. No matter what find ways to solve the issue in question once and for all.

  • Know that it takes two to make a quarrel, so think if it is you that should make some change. If yes, then change yourself for better.

  • Remember no one's perfect. You are in love with this man who has flaws and weaknesses, not some perfect hero.


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