You can’t just simply forget about an intimate relationship you once hold. Heartbroken by someone who has grown tired of your love and understanding it is difficult. It’s painful when the other party stops loving you while you are still so deeply in love. You can never gain his/her heart again, respecting the decision is probably for the best. When it’s time to move on, there is no easy way out. Here are some tips to help you on how to stop caring about someone.

How to Stop Caring About Someone: 5 Steps You Need to Take


Reduce Contact

Cutting all contacts you are going to have is probably the first step you have to take. You aren’t going to do this as you like it, but it in a way that will not make your life any harder than previously. For example, if you are still going to work alongside your ex in the same company, cutting the contact entirely damage your professional relationship instead. Do as you can manage and nothing more.

Emails, texting, calling or “accidently stumbling” upon her on your way somewhere should be stopped all at once. If your ex decides to contact you, do not respond to them or decline any invitation to hang out together again. It’s all about creating that distance and making sure that the distance is firmly maintained. Do it quickly before you start going on about putting your feelings back in order.

Any offer from the ex should be declining, come up with excuses. For instance, if you are still in a connected by work and your ex continues to try inviting you out, give an excuse that you are going for a drink with your coworkers after your shift. Just give an excuse that, be it about you being busy or tired. The main goal of the whole exercise is to erect that wall between you and the ex. Give it time and the ex would be likely to give up.


Take a Break and Catch a Holiday

Now that you have one less aspect of your life to take care of, i.e. romantic relationships, you are going to free up plenty of time for yourself. What’s more conflicting schedules would be less of a problem. Treat yourself and go off on a short trip out to the beach or mountain. Get your friends or family members along for the ride. Not like your ex is the only special person that can go with you. Know that there are people that will always be there for you. Furthermore, you are creating that physical distance away from your ex. Just go for a couple of days, which break away from where everything reminds you of your ex is going to be better for your heartbreak. Explore exciting new places to help cope with your lost love.


Start Dating Again

You don’t necessarily have to desperately find a partner, but the act itself will help you heal your broken heart. Never pressure yourself in finding someone as a replacement. Your main goal is to flirt and just have someone new as a company. Keep going as you heal from the relationship, you are only going to meet more and more exciting new people. Once you are fully ready, then you might start finding the right person. Well, you can continue being single and avoid the hassle of being in a relationship. Embrace the single life while you still trying to move on.


Busy Yourself Elsewhere

As we mentioned previously, the lack of a romantic relationship is going to free up tons of time for yourself. Fill them all with activities that simply distract you away from the breakup. You can be depressed only for so long before you need to start the first step of moving on, that first step is to fill the hollowness with physical things to do.

If hadn’t done it regularly enough, then you should exercise more. The rush you are going to get help with reducing your negative emotions, even combatting clinical depression. Channel your grief into fat burning and a living a healthier lifestyle.

The friends you have foregone in favour of your ex? Get in touch again with them or make new ones. Socialize more and hang out with people that similarly enjoy your company. Having a place in the social circle is going to help lift the heavy burden from your heart.

Spent those time meaningfully on a hobby. Be it a house improvement project or collecting items, as long as you can learn or relax from, it will be great. Creativity and positivity are what you want from the hobby you decide to take up. If you aren’t sure what to take, go with makeup or revamping your wardrobe, those will help you when you are ready for new relationships.


It Takes Time

For how to stop caring about someone, this is the last you have to accept. Time heals even the deepest wound, but the scars will remain. You are going to hate yourself a lot. Your mind replays all the best memories you had in the relationship as you fight back from its temptation. You can’t change what your ex has decided, helpless in that way. But you are going to be fine, as you slowly come up to accept your current predicament and get your emotions in order. All you are going to need is time.

Others' Experiences on How to Stop Caring About Someone


From Amy

Your own insecurities will get to you, making feel so much worse than you should be. Understand that the sense of attachment is what going to hurt you the most. Once you recognize it, learn to forgive and forget, you are not trying to get anyone's acceptance, but just self-approval. It’s time you get to love yourself more than another. Think positive and know that other’s approval won’t amount to much for the peace of your own mind. Your very own subconscious desire for pleasure will do the rest for you.


From Mic

Love is a sort of curse, erasing that isn’t easy but time does make a big difference. Every person is unique in their own way and so we can’t expect them to return as you did for them. Take that reality with a pinch of salt, people who couldn't care less about you anymore isn’t worth the effort. You deserve better, you always do. Do good things for others and one day someone who cares as much or more will come for you. Hope you can recover from the heartbreak, don’t take it too hard on yourself.


From Nutel

The best way to do so? Stop thinking about and keep them as far away from your life. Block and unfriend them on social media, give them no chance to for them or you to contact them. If you still have to see this person on a daily basis, it’s going to be so much harder to stop caring about him or her. Instead, your energy and time should be focused on a hobby, get something you enjoy and let it be your outlet. Keeping yourself busy with a constructive result is going to keep you away from caring about that person you want to avoid.


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