Having a crush is tons of fun; you’ve met someone you really like, whom you can spend some really good time with. But, if you and your crush aren't going to work out, crushing on someone isn’t fun any longer. Getting over a relationship can be tough, but at least you’ve been with that person and have a whole mess of things to support your decision. Getting over a crush can be tough because, besides imagination, you don't have any memories, good or bad, to lean back on to get you through those tough nights.

How to Stop Crushing On Someone

Getting over a crush can be difficult, but there are lots of things you can try to stop thinking about that special person and get over your crush faster than you could imagine!

Think of all their bad qualities

Everyone has a few personality traits that can drive another person up the wall. So, instead of thinking about all of the good qualities, start thinking about the immensely annoying ones. The first step in figuring out how to stop crushing on someone is to ignore everything great about your crush, such as the things that made you start crushing on him or her in the first place. No one wants to sit around thinking about how awesome their crushes are if the goal is to get over them. Even if it’s just how loudly they chew their food, start thinking about it incessantly until the thought of them is no longer exciting.


Stop seeing them

Is your crush a mutual friend, or someone you see quite regularly? Stop seeing that person as much. Don’t put a full stop on hanging out with them, as this can lead to awkward conversations later on if your crush is a close friend or a mutual friend. If there’s a group hang-out, stick with your other friends instead of your crush. If that special person wants to do something alone with you, you can bring a buddy along or try to turn it into a group outing. The goal isn’t to get rid of your friend, but to get rid of your crushing feelings towards him or her. Taking your crush out of your daily routine can help you get over this much quicker if that person is always around.


Stay off social media

How to stop crushing on someone? Simple - stay off that person's social media accounts! You don’t have to delete/block him or her right off of your accounts as that can lead to hurt feelings and confusion (especially if your crush is a mutual friend or someone you see regularly). Instead, hide his or her posts and stop Facebook/Twitter stalking! Everyone loves to "stalk" others on SNS and see what they’ve been up to, especially if those others turn out to be in the category of secret love. It’s always exciting to see what they’re up to and stopping seeing all the post can be hard at first, but it helps reduce temptation and make this hard decision not that hard to follow through!


Cry about it

Wondering how to stop crushing on someone? Have a good cry, wallow about it and genuinely feel sorry for yourself that this isn’t going to work out. You need time to feel upset about the entire situation before you can get over your crush. There’s no shame in crying about a crush lost; not all crushes work out, which is half the fun of having crushes. You know that there will be another one around the corner. But, for now, it’s heartbreaking, so grab that pint of ice cream, your PJ’s and throw on the Notebook for the biggest cry-fest you’ve ever had.


Dive into your hobbies

This is the time to focus on you. The more you focus on your hobbies, on your goals, on your interests, the less time you’re going to have to focus on your crush and anything else related to him or her. Diving into your hobbies or practicing your skills at whatever you’re good at is a great way to get over your crush and a great way to perk yourself up. You may be feeling pretty low and bummed about it not working out with your crush, perhaps feeling low on yourself. Reminding yourself that you’re a unique and awesome person can make you feel better about yourself and the entire situation.


Throw away anything that reminds you of your crush

You can’t figure out how to stop crushing on someone while you’re staring at a picture of you two taken a few months ago. So, instead of staring at that photo and wallowing in self-pity (unless, of course, you haven’t hit that step yet, then go ahead and wallow!), get a big box and start throwing everything that reminds you of your crush into it, including photos, gifts, or even outfits with memories. You don’t have to get rid of them forever; instead, put the box away in the back of a closet and don’t look at it until you’re over your crush.


Go out

Go out with your friends and family, meet new people and explore the "new world" that is free of your crush. Getting outside and entertaining yourself will keep you from thinking about your crush 24/7, and eventually, altogether. You’ll be out and have fun, instead of sitting inside crying and hoping for a better outcome. You may even meet a few cool new people in the process, opening up your social circle and making room for a new, better crush. Getting out also makes your crush think you are busy with something else, instead of leaving an impression of hiding from or avoiding him or her.


Start Dating!

You may not be fully ready to start dating anyone just yet, but just think about all of the potential dates you will be able to go on once you are. The easiest way to figure out how to stop crushing on someone is to get out there and start crushing on someone new. Crushes come and go and there will always be hundreds more for you to choose from, reminding you not to worry about one crush that didn’t work out. Perhaps the next one won’t either, but the one after will or the one after that! The only way to find out is to go out there and try.


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