It is never easy to stop thinking about a cute barista or an embarrassing moment, but you have to do it and find ways to divert your mind. You need to focus on the future and stop delving too much in the past. It is important to be willing to embrace the change to get close to your new vision. Have you been trying hard to forget about your ex? Knowing how to stop thinking about somebody will put you in a better position to shape your life. Let's discover more about it.

How to Stop Thinking about Someone You Decide to Let Go

When you develop an emotional connection with someone, it is never easy to let them walk out of your life. It will be painful and a serious test of your patience. Thankfully, there are ways to stop thinking about someone gradually and here is more about it.

Have Your Focus on the Future

You have to stop yourself from mulling over what your ex did or why they are no longer in your life. Tell yourself that things will change and improve with every passing day. Do not let you stuck in the mud and envision yourself enjoying life. Have yourself surrounded by people you love. You will be happy if you choose to be happy. Just keep fait and know that future has some nice stuff for you in store. That belief will take you far and help you forget about someone.


Throw Old Items and Embrace the Change

It is hard to shake the feeling of heaviness but you are never going to move ahead in life if you keep reminding yourself about the experience you had with your ex. Do not keep look at all the old stuff that reminds you of your ex. Get a big trash bag, fill it up with old items and throw it out of your life for good. Then, get some new clothes, freshen up your look, and enjoy the change in your life.


Stay Busy, Get a New Hobby, and Volunteer

You have to keep yourself busy to understand how to stop thinking about someone. Keeping your mind occupied with other things will make it easier to forget about any traumatic events in your life. Starting a new hobby will help. You may also join groups, plan things with friends, and have some new experiences to stop thinking about painful memories. Start doing something you love. Learn about it from magazines or every book that you can find. Staying with the victim mentality is keep you stuck in the past. Get out of that mindset. If possible, volunteer and help your community.


Face the Fact

It is important to avoid living in the state of denial. Your ex is no longer with you – accept that. You will be in a better position to plan ahead once you accept the fact that you are now alone. If you do not accept it or pretend that you do not miss that person, you are never going to get better. Understand that your ex really existed and you have shared some great moments of your life with them. Instead of trying to forget them, have your focus on finding ways to avoid getting affected by the fact that they are no longer around.


Never Design Encounter

Once someone has walked out of a relationship, there is no point in chasing them. You have to understand it and never try to find ways to contact them or design encounters. Fantasizing about happy reunions is easy but it usually does not happen the way you plan. It only makes it difficult for you to learn how to stop thinking about someone. Accept that they are out of your life, and you should never stalk them, offline or online. Otherwise, you will stay stuck!


Use Blame Wisely

One way to stop thinking about your ex is to think of their negative traits and make yourself understand that you deserve better. Tell yourself that the person was not as perfect as you thought. Do not just remember their flaws but also heighten them to make you feel better. Never try to criticize you or blame yourself for what happened.

How to Stop Thinking about Someone Who Hurt You

You may have been among those unfortunate people who have to be in an abusive relationship. Women let others take advantage of them when they maintain an emotional connection with someone. Sometimes, the person is not abusive but may have done something that has hurt you directly or indirectly. How do you deal with this situation? What else can you do to learn how to stop thinking about someone? Here are some suggestions.

Do Not Say Much, Wait More

When dealing with a reactive person, it is always a good idea to say less and let more time pass. It will help you greatly to simmer down and think better. Never try to react to difficult situations and people right away. Just give yourself time and see how things unfold.


Do Not Involve in the Blame Game

You are never going to get anything out of blame game. Do not pick apart past events and try to find who was at fault. Misunderstandings usually do not happen with one event; both parties are usually responsible to some extent. Do not involve in that.


Set Priorities and Deal with Problems Carefully

The best thing is to identify the biggest problem and tackle it first. For some clarity, you need to overcome your anger because it keeps you from thinking straight. First, deal with yourself – exercise, meditate or take a walk – before you confront someone else.


Look for Facts

Instead of imagining something about someone, you should reach out and talk to them directly. Understand that your thoughts are never facts. Be sure to hear their side of the story before jumping to a conclusion. If you give it time and hear what others have to say, you may be able to differentiate between reality and mere imagination.


Try to Forgive

It will be difficult but this is the most crucial part in learning how to stop thinking about someone who has harmed you. It is also for your own sake because forgiving someone may be the best way to move ahead in life. It is not just for the other person but it is equally helpful for you. Forgive so you can live without having to think too much about the painful events.


Use Your Imagination

Meditation helps and becomes even more beneficial when accompanied by powerful imagery. It will help you feel better once you have forgiven the person. It will also save you from stressful thoughts.


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